Big Checks and Track Records at Southern Raceway’s King of the Sandbox Finale!

We returned to Southern Raceway for the King of the Sandbox $20,000 finale!

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  1. For anyone who works on super lates like this, what ratio steering quickener is common? I've never got to use one and it seems like they aren't steering a lot to make the car move so my hunch is 6:1 or 8:1? Just curious. Congrats to the HTF team for hosting the weekend and all the effort and work that was put in to help your local track. Congrats to Bo on the record(s), super impressive on the first week out.

  2. Jesse, your willingness to run wide open shows every time you race. You’re not off and on the throttle hence you look smooth and race with patience. You also might be the finest on any front row at anticipating the start and making a huge leap on the field. An amazing year despite limited track time . What a Team player truly impressive. No doubt you will be driving faster equipment in the future. You are ready now!
    Money buys speed as they say in nascar, looks like some capital investment is warranted in the 10 car and consider putting Jesse in matching equipment. Would be a formidable paring everywhere you would go.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, y'all should bring Bo on board into the team. Joseph and Bo would make a great team and the wins couldn't help but start coming. Congrats to Jesse. WTG man. Making the team proud.

  4. Wow so much to say! Bo that was mighty impresive to set track record and beat Brandon Overton in the heat race but hands down Joesph started the main and im not sure how many times he droped back but worked his way back to the front but when they took the hood off his car was a rocket!!! Hands down one of the best races and driving to date..jessie three in a row!!!!

  5. Congratulations Jesse wooooo hooo keep up the good work same to you Joseph keep up the good looks like you and Jesse have steak dinner coming I think yall do crazy cart race again you take care have a good Christmas and new years

  6. Awesome guys. Been a subscriber since spring 19 and haven't missed one since. Love the channel and watching you guys grow the races effort. Looking forward to next year and the off season shenanigans. Thanks.
    Greg from Canada.

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