BCSR 918 small tire flash light start cashdays street race


  1. That flipping beater is fast as hell,damn! When he gets to about the 330' mark it just checks out! But I would like to see him get rid of that ridiculous butt hurt bar! That's just over the top,and will probably cause a bad wreck one day? But gosh damn it's fast! Couldn't believe he just walked away from that Maverick like that!

  2. Another sick video! Joey is a character fersure an the beater bomb is just a fuckin killer car. He lays tracks fersure but u never see him spin super hard, always hooks up no matter what state an street he seems to be in, just crazy. Congrats on another shoot out win for them an big ups to the the guys putting it on an all the dope cars that put on a show! Much love

  3. Butt hurt bar living up to its rep – if it's such an advantage, there hasn't been anything stopping anyone else, and yet…

    Has that car balanced PERFECTLY , the name of the game in traction limited racing

  4. It's so great to see all these street races still going on. I was doing street racing 40 + yrs ago and at that time it was starting to fade out. So it's really great to see it coming back.

  5. Let me know when you’re ready for me to show you how to make that truck fast Cody… Kidding, but guess you couldn’t give up on them OBS huh?

  6. Beater bomb second round vs the nova 😱 they left together and just drove out like if the nova was parked. Well he does that to most people 😂

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