BAD News For Discovery Plus Users!

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  1. I had a online chat with a discovery plus tech through the discovery plus app and they told me Season 4 of NPK is not available due to licensing agreements. So in other words they lied to us, took our money and we are now SOL. I mean come on guys watching old reruns of mythbusters on discovery plus it’s not so bad😂😡🤬🤬smh

  2. None on discovery+ you actually have to pay for them if you don’t want to watch them on regular tv. And we don’t get to see the show a week early, we actually are a week behind

  3. I got discovery plus because I don’t have cable or satellite. There for now discovery or discovery go available for me.
    The fact that I can’t watch any of the new season of Nokia really pisses me off

  4. No sim Street Outlaws no prep Kings is not on Discovery Plus but for some reason they updated the picture of it to season 4. I pay 7.99 a month for Discovery plus with no ads and have been able to watch all the new Street Outlaw episodes since discovery plus came out and all the old episodes of all the other seasons but no Street Outlaws no prep Kings

  5. I did not like all of the spoilers… It seems like it would be in their contract that they can't release footage I know it would be hard to keep regular spectators from posting but there should be some copyright law in place

  6. After this week there will only be one 4 hour episode each week. Bearing Sea Gold comes on Tuesday night at 7pm starting next week.

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