ALL NEW LOOK For the NPK Murder Nova! It Was Time For a Change!

The new Murder Nova is no longer flat black! Time for a change!

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  1. I would like to see that car in the black pearl that Harley-Davidson has! Well a picture with the color changed in just to what it would look like!
    It's Great the way it is too!

  2. Shaun, my name is Doug and I would appreciate it a lot if you would give my email address to Big Chief, I have a graphic he might like (I am a Graphic Artist in Canada) Thank you. MURDER NOVA is da bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. One thing to say "3M Clear Vinyl Wrap" probably dont wanna hear that after the labor of a paint job but now is the best time if it is to ever be considered. No more chips, gets dingy/ rewrap. You wont have to rewrap the whole car at one single time again unless you're that anal. You may rewrap the front clip in 2-3 years depending on shine and the rear quarters every 4 years. Each rewrap looks banging, like a new wet sand and buff every few 3-4 years without ever having to wet sand and buff. Never wear that paint out, never chip under the vinyl. If you would ever do it "once" you would never ever spray a car again. Easiest color change in the world, dont like it, probably applied Vinyl can be removed and re-wrapped a hell of a lot quicker than paint can. Yes I love my vinyl wraps, I'll never paint any of my cars or trucks again!!!

  4. I think Shawn's explanation of new color was spot on, new paint = new responsibilities.. old paint was more its there for a job, then looks even though its about the looks….

  5. If you want that paint to look sick and protect it for five years with two to four coats use avalon king ceramic coating I love it on my corvette!

  6. You need to put chrome wheels on it. Do you like old-school well. That would look good. Everything‘s bike in powder coated black. I don’t now it would look good with some chrome wheels. Like Jeff he likes chrome

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