Alex Laughlin Tries No Prep for the First Time!!

Alex Laughlin is a NHRA and rvw who entered the winter meltdown no prep race in san Antonio , Texas. This was the first time the blown corvette has seen a no prep track and faced off against some seasoned veterans in no prep. Alex discusses some of the challenges doing no prep and why no prep. He also discusses who he thinks is a big challenge to race in no prep and overall his thoughts on it. Overall, it was great to see new no prep racers and was a great time. For more no prep racing coverage we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. In No-Prep the HEMI-combination has not rule-advantage over all the other drivetrains. By NHRA rules HEMI is the only way to go but the Rules are so different, that NHRA cars could be outpowered by 481x or even 481-ish Pontiac Turbo-combinations. Alex is damn fast on NHRA rules, but on NO-Prep it is a new game.

  2. 1- take a 40% hp out
    2- if it sticks add 10% hp more
    3- keep adding or taking it out more until car sticks then adjust
    4- if the wheels aren’t spinning your probably winning in No Prep

  3. When are tracks going to do better about keeping ppl off the line? If you are not a crew member with the car making a pass…… get tha F*ck out of the lanes.

  4. Funny how all these NHRA guys want to move over to the street racing scene because there are way more people watching it than ever watched the NHRA races…hmmmm….gots sum lernin to do sun!

  5. Just my opinion, and only based only on seeing her from behind (she could be a butterface, I have no idea), but the chick backing Alex up is definitely ready for no prep, or prep’d. She is ready. Alex I am not so sure about.

  6. I gotta LAUGHT MY ASS OFF about Alex!!I LOVE racing!!I grew up in the 80's and a BUNCH of my FRIENDS had SICK ASS CARS back then!!TRACK RACING and STREET/NO PREP are TWO DIFFERENT monsters!!Alex NEEDS a PREPED TRACK to go FAST PERIOD!HE doesn't KNOW how to tell his DADDY how to TUNE the car for NO PREP racing or HOW to DRIVE a CAR that is ALL OVER the PLACE!!He raced CHIEF and RYAN and got his ASS WHOOPED BOTTOMLINE cuz he CAN'T drive a car wanting to GO EVERYWHERE but STRAIGHT in a 1/8 mile!!Sorry ALEX you can have ALL the TRACK cred you want BUT you can't RACE with the STREET RACERS and NO PREP RACERS because you can't DRIVE LIKE THEM!!ALL THE HORSEPOWER in the WORLD means NOTHING on the NO PREP and STREETS if you can't TUNE YOUR CAR and DRIVE it when it wants to GO EVERYWHERE!!Anybody that RACES will AGREE!Again I like RACING PERIOD but I also LIKE REAL DRIVERS who GOT BALLS to DRIVE a CAR that is on the EDGE of WREAKING until you LIFT after the 1/8 mile!!!

  7. glad to see you out there doing what you love, i know that its an adjustment period that you go through but , i am sure you will be one to reckon with in a short time, cant wait to see you live!

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