1800HP Sequential C7 Z06 Corvette on the Street – IT'S SCARY FAST! (94MM Turbo + 427CI)

On this episode we feature one of the baddest street Corvettes we’ve seen on the channel! Matt’s 2015 C7 Z06 is fitted with a Dart Block 427, 94MM turbo, Sequential Transmission, and Motec M150! It’s made upwards of 1600whp on the dyno and makes around 1800whp on 40PSI. He takes us for a ride on his schmedium boost setting, needless to say this car is absolutely insane!

TRC Race Event Schedule:
TRC Street Kings Annual event – Bradenton Motorsports Park – Dec 11th
TX2K22 – March 16th – 20th – Houston Raceway Park


  1. Probably a dumb question but I always wondered what would happen if it rains & water goes in the exhaust? I’m assuming you have to cover it if it sits?

  2. a little birdie told me theres an electric coming with a motor per wheel and 1600 combined hp / 1800 tq

    If that little birdie is correct, a dead silent and deadly reliable car is going to absolutely demolish this on any surface, straight and turning

  3. Lmao an pro mod 94 lights off easy on a 6.0. On a 427, it should not be laggy at all. And on a 427 you’d be pushing it once you get to 30/35 psi. 40psi it’s just making hot air. 210lb injectors for 1800hp is another one too lmao… must be gasoline. Which means that thing going to choke at much above 24 psi.

  4. It's so funny cause I actually have all the runs from this Vette during tx2k21. I just rewatched the videos just a few weeks ago and thought to myself damn this thing is bad af! Couldn't figure out where to see more content of it, so it's awesome that you guys made of feature of it! This car sounds mental in person like, it sounds like a jet. And that sequential is nuts 🤯

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