Will Big Chief End Up Building A New Crow – Street Race Talk Episode 331

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  1. I think what chief was talking about was basically doing to the Crow what Shawn did to the OG murder Nova. If you want to win you gotta keep up and technology keeps moving forward. I'm just wondering , and I dont think youve ever talked about this, it seems there are a lot more serious accidents on the street now and I wonder if it's because these cars are just getting too fast for the street to handle? At what point does it become too dangerous to race them on the street?? Food for thought

  2. Hey sim chief said that the Chassis on the crow is pretty much been front half twice as well as the rear and has gotten a little to heavy. But what are we saying because chief puts a new Chassis on the crow it's a new crow huh didn't we already have a situation like that already not saying no names shawn opps

  3. And I'm sorry to Say we won't say "hes got the fastest car on the street" because HE'S NOT AT AMERICAS LIST! and because America's list has that stupid Chase is a race thing. Get rid of chase is a race, put chief back on the show and then find out who's really the fastest street car. Hate to break it to you but it's probably Ryan Martin LMAO

  4. My bad sim my fat fingers hit both keys as I was typing I just think chief just been over due for a better a safer Chassis. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  5. Sim if he took the vin off the wrecked Crow and build a new car around that and kept this car as the street car that would be amazing. The the OG crow will rise again.

  6. Sim, great topic and video!
    1) I think the weight basket/ butt bar won't be a big deal
    2) New chassis is not a new car. The Vin # is the same and the body and drive train are the dame.(Same as Murder Nova)
    I'm not sure why this is such a debate?
    When I was in high school I wrecked my 70 Chevelle and bent the frame. I replaced the frame and went to DEQ to get new tags and it was not a issue with the state of Oregon. The chassis has no serial numbers.

  7. I don't anyone would care about that because we all put stuff on are cars I move weight all around my car but I don't think anyone would care about it I don't myself

  8. Ryan Martin is the class of any street racing and has the full respect of all other racers. Chief didn't make America's list. You prove it on the street and not on videos. When Chief wins something, maybe he'll be back in the top 5 on his own team. Chief seems afraid to compete and I'm a fan.

  9. Sims this is my first time Commenting on your site,although I it a lot. Anyway the thing that really got my attention was,what you said about Big Chief possibly putting different chassis under the Crow. He said that if he did do that I would be the same Crow. Not a new car. Look back at there last live feed He said that himself,and made a point of it. I really do like your shows thanks for all the Information that you put out there keep up the kick butt job your doing. Again A Big Thanks. Good Luck and Be Safe.

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