What’s Up With The 405 and Pinks?

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  1. pinks all out events were so much funner of an experience compared to npk events!!! you your friend or somebody you know could be in the final 16 racing. so much cooler than just people you see on tv every week

  2. chief is going to do what he wants. if you want to see him race go to the war in the woods he is supposed to be there. but damn he is not on street outlaws anymore and probably never go back. everyone needs to move on, there is alot more things happening in the no prep world just to focus on chief no being on tv. the show has evolved and chief didn't like it and has moved on. but if you want to wild no prep most sketchy shit look at War in the Woods.

  3. No need for a format like pinks. Couldn't understand " hay let's race, but give 6 cars" and they actually be proud to win. Back in the 70's early 70's you'd be lucky to get a car. You'd be humiliated so bad from everybody trash talking you.( Yoakum and Stovall funny car) once brought their street car out(vet) they only gave 1.5 cars to a 429CJ Torino and lost. No pinks today. Chase is the race is bad enough. The saying still goes, " If you can't run with the Big Dogs stay on the Porch" sorry for the ranting.

  4. I wish they brought back pinks lose race lose your ride just would be awesome if done on the streets like itd be interesting and hopefully intense run what u brung heads up

  5. If I recall correctly, the Pinks I saw with Chief, chief ended up being a 300 pound bully because he didn’t get his way….lol! I was hoping someone would step up and knock chief on his ass.

  6. Petey small block was on pinks also. I loved that show when they actually raced for title to the cars. When they changed it to pinks all out it wasn't as good

  7. Pinks all out was the raddest👍 the other pinks was weak 👎 another throwback show I've been watching is pass time love this show there is still a bunch of episodes out there on YouTube like the one with Jason Cantu when he was a goofy looking kid😄https://youtu.be/KaJsH5IhCCs this isn't the episode with Cantu just putting this link here for those that might not have ever seen this show it's pretty cool for old school

  8. Bringing back pinks would be awesome….but!! Definitely a different host, that other guy was a walking joke!! An it should be heads up!! No extra bs!! With some simple rules to go by to keep the races legit!! Toss in a little cash prize at the end 10-20k on top of the car you won…an you have a hit show….oh yeah…do two races instead of one… Best 2 out of 3..then at the end of the season have a big shoot out between all the winners…

  9. I was the Orlando Speedway when they filmed the couple episodes of that that sure was bulshit 100% theatrics they were telling drivers what to say they were telling drivers what to ask for the two brothers that ran that thing I don't even remember the Baldwin's name they were douchebags and I only say that cuz that's the nicest word I come up with her for them. I think something like The Grudge Ray Show where he and Jackie travel instead up these Facebook Instagram Grudge races and gets them done stop all the talking you know like a real race Master does

  10. Chief on Pinks. It wasn't even his car. It was Azn's. Dave drove it and Chief was just like "the muscle." Pinks All Out were great event's, but started to become a little suspect since they were made for TV.

  11. Pinks all out was a different show though. You didn’t get lengths like that and they raced close to heads up. They tried to put all the 6 second cars in the same class and the 8 second and so on. In regular pinks you brought your car tried to guess what the next guy runs and make your car as close to their time as possible by negotiating lengths.

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