Testing didn’t go well last night and left us with a weeks worth of work to get done in 2 days. Plus we learn the proper way to extract a car from under your hood from Mark and Tyler at A1 Auto Parts 🤣


  1. Glade Kenny is getting his car together also! Would be a real barn stormer if uncle bucko built a street car also lol.. After all his distain for race car stuff lol! Just saying would make for good content!

  2. As much as Kenny does for the team, I’d love for him to get more attention to his Camaro and it’s success. He’s a pivotal part of the team and should get just as much attention/assistance. Just my worthless 0.02 cents though. Continue the good content and good luck this weekend for the team!!!

  3. You guys need to make short set of warm up zoomies that just shoot straight up , warm the motor and remove zoomies ,torque the heads , then put the real pipes on . Kick but boys ,looking good and playing hard , God bless all

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