Twin Turbo BBC Nova COMES TO LIFE!


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  1. Dam great job to Rob and the family can't wait to see it in the paint booth sounds so dam good and it's going hurt some people's feelings forsure 330sause…

  2. Damn lucky to have Rob. He's one hell of a great man. Now it's time to get that Nova to the streets or track. Us fans have waited a long time

  3. Not a better feeling in the world when your shit runs & runs REALLY GOOD & you win races knowing YOU BUILT THAT SHIT YOURSELF💯 Can’t wait to see Billy letting the button go, NOVAS GONNA BE A BEAST 💯💪🏻💯

  4. I’ve always heard thats the downfall of drilled rotors. They become weak and crack between them . Slotted is okay but not drilled. Just something I’ve always been told.

  5. Hug for Big rob was priceless.
    1000 Times better than anything faked on Hot Rod Tv.
    Or those loose cannons on Road Kill.
    Take Care and God Bless

  6. That smile on Billy’s face says it all. Pride and accomplishment! Nothing like it! I didn’t build race cars but I did play music and rebuild small engines. Way different of course but the pride and feeling of accomplishment is all the same! Congratulations brother! I can’t wait to see u turn that thing loose for the first time. Bad looking machine!

  7. Yes!!!! Great job and nice video showing the real world we all face!!! That is going to be a beast for sure! Go fast, go straight! Be SAFE!!

  8. I'm not familiar with Holley EFI. I use HPTuners. Sounds like idle air flow needs dialed in. Rpms up and down 900 to 1200. Referred to as idle hunting. Anyways, congrats! Sounds bad ass!

  9. When you got it running I could feel your excitement the smile on your faces !!!!!!!!!!! you did not have to drive it just let it run and that alone was a high for the both of you !!!!!!when i was 17 I bought a brand new Z/28 and just set Listen to it Run !!!! I am 73 and I want to get an S-10 standard cab and a long bed get a brand new frame with 4 link and a12 bolt rear with an LS 4 2 / 4 drop kit with long bed !!!! To old to do the things I would like to !!!!!! that's ok I will live through your eyes and watch your videos !!!! which i love watching you and your family you dad is a kick in the ass to watch. keep up the good work !!!!

  10. Damn long nights, mental anguish, the highs lowest of the lows. The life of the Hot rodder. Love it wouldn't change it for the world. Good job guys keep on pushing 💪.

  11. Guys I want you to come out John Doc's last couple videos about the Bad Apple wreck. Please I think your not taking safety seriously enough . Head and neck restraint, full containment seat, fire suppression, roll bar padding etc. Remember an serious wreck could end it all with life changing injuries or death. I raced all my life and I've seen it happen.

  12. Hot dawggg that baby sounds mean as hell, you already know your ass better hang on to your dangly-bits whenever you light them candles boyyyy sheeeeew-weeeee!!!! I can't freaking waaaait dude

  13. Congrats Billy and the whole SRC crew. Can’t wait to see it with the tune dialed in making some shakedown passes. Best of luck to you all for 2022.

  14. That car is definitely going to be a runner… chief is coming to war in the woods bet he'd come for a visit and help out with getting it running at its best

  15. You know when you see the Smurf juice going in the tank that greatness is about to happen! Congratulations to you and Uncle Rob for getting her up and running! Can't wait to see her go down the strip!

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