Trent builds a 95" motor on a 2003 dyna ,and I watch.

Trent builds a 95″ motor on a 2003 dyna ,and I watch.

We are kruesi Originals, We specialize in high performance harley davidsons, custom builds, aftermarket parts, stunt riding, road racing and all around goofy $hit

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  1. Always felt confident to do my own motor work on my old sportster with all the info out there, because of these videos… Starting to feel the same about my twin cam…I don’t really want to pay someone else a ton of money to do a cam install after watching your video months ago. Service manuals are Bible.

  2. Hi someone told me that you can crack the sump taking out that sump plug I want to take mine out to check for sumping but I'm worried any advice ta

  3. Pretty cool dudes. I just got an 04 road king that supposedly has a 95" kit in it…..seems to run strong but my last bike was a built screamin eagle 103 road king with 120tq so…
    Why did you not go with the sns 100" kit?…

  4. Informative af as always! Speaking of informative, anymore on a good one with kruesi to give us more info? Or did the countertops put a hold on that project? If so I 100% understand

  5. It’s a gah dang DELIGHT watching this type of content. And catching gold dust advice through the stream of entertaining jibber jabber is sprinkles in the cake baby yeah.

  6. Coffee filters work great for cleaning engine components and leaving absolutely nothing behind! Learned that from an old school engine builder! I know it sounds crazy

  7. Wish I could wrench on my bike w/ Ryan’s guidance. My neck bearing and front end need some work. Keep up the great content!

  8. I gotta 2002 Stage 4 95" Night Train and I got rid of those plastic hot garbage harley breathers and replaced with the Trask Mystfree's, along with running a breather bypass hose from each breather bolt to under the frame, no T, two hoses all the way and what a fucking difference. This is a really good "how to" and I agree with the break in process, be patient, don't lug, I'd say cool nights but you guys probably don't have much of a choice during the oven season.

  9. You guys are awesome there a only a few wrenching mother fuckers that I respect and you are in my circle of the great ones lots of posers out there with a lot to say but can’t really do it right I’m old as dirt now but still love my Harley’s I bought a 2020 road glide and the ink was not even dry on the sales slip and I ripped that junk apart and spent 7000 grand on real parts on the motor it runs like a rapped ape now good to know you and love your jokes and the way you do not back off on anything making great bikes better !

  10. One of these days I need my 03 Eguide to have some engine work done. Tbh I haven’t rode it much and the previous owner only put around 1k on it so it’s like brand new still. Besides it having a full reinheart exhaust and it’s a dog man lol. I’d love to get around 100/100 and I’d be a happy asshole

  11. I don’t remember what video Ryan said he wanted to get a wide glide to build for himself, but that’s what I want to see! Cause that’s what I got. Lol. I bet he can make some dope changes to one!

  12. You cunts are funny as fuck, but man you do everything perfect and super clean no bullshit quality work🤙🤙🤙🤙

  13. With it being a 2003 motor did you put the timken bearing conversion kit in because I was under the impression that they changed them
    in 2003 to roller bearings?

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