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  1. Now this is an LSNASTY video like I’m used to! Got “that’s what she said” and “baby I’m back” now all we need is more at the track videos and we’ll be back to what I love about this channel

  2. John it is called big ass fan company. Get the damn sir circulating and quiet. I believe you will thank me. 😊. Have a blessed weekend LS NASTY CREW. Much love.

  3. its funny first it was PTC makes the best converters then it was Cameron Converters was the best on the planet then Hughes topped them all now its Circle D to the front. i think he just praises whoever will get on board and give him something for free or at a really discounted price.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the dyno #’s on that thing. I still say there’s no way it makes the 4000 hp that you claim. Prove me wrong.

  5. I've been in and around drag racing for over 33 years and I've never dealt with anyone as good as Pete no one has even been close were ever Pete has gone I have followed and will continue too until I'm out of drag racing!

  6. Not trying to stir trouble but why the change in companies from time to time? I know you guys run the best stuff and try and work with those specific companies as well. But y’all went from Cameron converters, to Abruzzi, to Hughes and now Circle D. Again, I am not saying there is anything wrong with changing companies. But I do actually listen to who y’all recommend and usually end up buying parts from them. So it makes me second guess that when the companies who make the best stuff seem to change pretty regularly. Love the channel and content either way. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  7. I've found time & time again Helicoils work many times better over timeserts! But WTF do I know! So, I'm glad to see that Rob Wendland [If you don't know who that is, you probably don't know as much as you think you do about drag racing] proved it many times! Timeserts, no matter how careful you try to be with them, just do not work like the regular old Helicoil! I do also know many who have made 4000hp with their BBCs, actually over 3800 to the hub, started with a long block, with the best of the best parts, & were making between 900 to 1000hp + n/a, then with badass 98s put those power numbers down! Just about every single time they went to try to use that power, they broke the engine, more than alittle bit! Like go back home & start over! BTW, the steel rod engines, [yes you can make power with a good, time-tested, American made steel rod,] lived much longer! The connecting rod was never a issue![Blocks, aluminum rods, pistons, wrist pins & cranks were!] You can not blame the block breaking in the head bolt to cylinder area on the steel rods! You also need to keep the head retorqueing happening, especially when new! Also oiling systems become very important! Most don't log oil pressure in the hertz they should be! Now if the engine is perfect, meaning everything is right, & you have a known good working combination, along with some very good tuning skills, you can make 32 to 3300hp fairly reliably, & make it live for a shitload of passes! Even the best of the best of billet blocks, seem to grow in the deck height area when maxing out good 98s! Meaning separating the main webs from the block! I would think that little light truck, will haul ass with 3200 @ the crank! Hopefully you can get it going soon & get it on the hub dyno, for break in, the right cam & valvetrain adjustments & correct fueling & timing tables! Like I said, its way easier to start with a known good combination! Hope to see it soon!

  8. In my day the engine was the most important part of a build, but we built our engines by hand we didn’t buy crate PoS engines the things I’ve seen with crate engines over the years as a mechanic was horrid especially jasper

  9. Man, Matt mailed it when he said customer service goes a long way! I had a PTC built trans and 8" nitrous converter. As far as quality and how it worked, it was excellent! After 15k+ street miles, 20-30 passes on motor, and another 20 on 150-200 shot, fluid looked new still, nothing in the pan. But, when I called, prior to pulling my pan, I was planning on freshening up the trans, as I was my motor, so I called and spoke to one guy, who just refused to give any info on what was in my trans, if it had all the good parts, or room for improvement, as it'd been together for 5-6yrs., and was looking to improve. They wouldn't even tell me what clutches to run, let alone what was in my trans that I bought in the car, gave them the prior owners name…all I wanted was some help, and to send my converter in to be gone through and re-stalled! I would've bought all parts from them, and did the trans myself, but it wasn't like I wasn't trying to carry on business with these guys, and spend money there, but after shit customer service not only that time, but I tried once after also. Needless to say, no business of mine will ever go to them again! I did buy a Circle D prior to this, for a TBSS I had and the service was 2nd to none! I dealt with Chris and he was amazing! I'd recommend circle D any day, Excellent quality as well!

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