Our New Laser Cutting Machine is up and running! Plus we catch up on all the latest with the Luxury Tundra build and its new 555ci Big Block race gas engine built by Moruzzi Race Engines and much more! Stay tuned for more next week!

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Videos by: Hale Media


  1. Can you go over what tube wall thickness you use in what areas. Maybe a highlighted tube chassis shown of what is .120, .095, .083, .065. As always, great videos. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations on getting the laser up and running. I think it's awesome that you turned your passion into a business and then evolved your business to the point where you could purchase a laser! Keep up the great work 👍

  3. I would like to take one of these trucks for free. I'll let you put a sticker on the back, so it will be a sponsorship sort of deal. Just let me know when to pick the truck up. Thanks.

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