The '55 Is Getting Closer! Plus Shawn Shares Big New About the 405 Show!

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Update on the 55 plus big news for the 405 show!

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  1. Hell yeah guys man I'm so stroke you guys get a break to work on the 55 I also agree the chrome has to be on there it just makes it stand out that much more can't wait to see it rolling as always keep up the awesome work guys let's go 💪 💯

  2. Love the idea of racing the 55 kind of don’t care much about the show with nothing but full on race cars. Really enjoyed the show when it seemed like the cars where still driving on the street

  3. Street car's are more interesting to most people because most of us can't relate to the basically promods all you guys have that cost more than most of the people watching your videos house costed them. So try and upload as much street car stuff to YouTube as you guys can do I'm guessing that will make your YouTube channel grow faster.

  4. You can damn near build a whole 55 through Danchuk! LOL This makes me miss my 55's and 57's!! I normally hate background music but I actually enjoyed this one! Reminded me of Tangerine Dream music!

  5. Sean this is totally off topic but about the front bearings and everything he was talkin about density of the oil and grease slowing the bearing down we would use graphite powder on a drive bearing you'd be surprised if it doesn't create no heat and there's no friction panda bears are super free and fast

  6. Yeah hope Shawn as in murder Nova son hold the deal that he had with farm truck the more door Nova versus the Chevelle you guys are going to have to get on top of that pretty soon cuz all the more door novas running who knows I'm thinking that your son has his number I'll never forget how the more door Nova came about it was a joke really about Shawn Nova at the time it the OG murder Nova

  7. Shawn as the race master on America's list,,, i personally believe that your the best thing that's happened to street outlaws lately,, such a good vibe for the show, cheers and god speed .. im always eager to watch each next episode. 👍👍🏽👍🏻

  8. I support your YouTube. I buy merchandise. But I can not watch a single discover channel show. I've already canceled my subscription to Discovery. Won't support a channel that promotes child abuse, grooming or sexualizing children

  9. Thanks for putting that car back together and not wasting another tri-5. Richard may not be a driver but he can damn sure make them straight again. That car was bad enough I was sure it would end up in the junk pile.

  10. I walked away from the video when I looked back I didn’t realize the hood was on the roof. Saw the chop on the windshield and was like shit that looks killer. Then I realized it was the hood….. should do a big window visor or something haha

  11. What spray paint was that ? I remember him saying it was between what ?? And powder coat… Could one use it on Wheels? Is it durable?

  12. side spears for bel air are a little diffrent, the lower widow chrome is 210 bel air has chrome around the top of the door and rear pass window, basicly everything is chrome but the post.

  13. Didnt we all see the 55 get chassis painted and the wagons rearend installed sometime back a few videos? Love the idea of a show that is more relatable!

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