The 340 gets a HUGE UPGRADE! + The roast of T2G…

We’re back! After a couple weeks of us not uploading, we’re finally back! We’ve been busy with racing and No prep kings the last two weeks on top of Allison and I getting pretty sick after no prep kings. But now we’re finally feeling better and we got a chance to film something half decent enough to upload. We mostly goofed off the whole time but hopefully you laugh with us and enjoy lol.

Thank you guys for sticking around!


  1. Before the comments roll in Tommy is learning to tune with Billy, I was just pushing his buttons because he was pushing mine 😂 Just some friendly banter nothing serious!

  2. 👍🏽🇺🇸👍🏽friendly banter is what makes a good relationship. Have fun and enjoy.. I like Allison’s hair color. Looks good on you. And your car is coming along nicely.

  3. Take it easy on Ole Tommy lol. I feel you man it sucks not knowing as much as everyone else around you. My big bro is my boss and he's so knowledgeable about damn near everything mechanical. I've tried so hard trying to know more than him than actually listening to him. It's just comes with age and hands on experience. You know more than you did 6 months ago and you'll know more in 6 months. Love all the channels and thanks src crew for all of the content

  4. Thanks for the shop tips Jeff and Tommy? you better quit tryin to roast
    on Allison, she has a Dark Side to her, don't let her silence be a weakness
    she will shave your head and have you walkin Backwards!! Lol

  5. Amazing to how much happier, how much more pride and confidence u get from doing stuff yourself…earning ur own way and doing the stuff you do with ur own tools at your own place? I try to explain this to a lot of younger guys and gals that have been handed everything their whole life and they just can’t see it. And most dang sure ain’t gonna take the chance of finding out. Cause that takes too much effort and they might actually have to work!!! Or earn their own money! Omg… can’t have that!!! Lol. Anyways… proud of ya dude! And dudette! Keep up the hard work, support each other and live the dream. ✌️

  6. Allison, I like the new hair-do. Tom gonna have to step his hair game up now. Im thinking you should gel it into a mohawk!

  7. Oh.. and hey, I’m sure it’s on a video somewhere or in some comments somewhere…heck, I probably watched the video but totally forgot.. what’s Jeff’s car run in the quarter? If his and the Ol man’s Malibu are close then talk em in to lining em up. Track or street. See what they got. Then Alison will know what’s what and when the Darts upgraded enough.. Chop the winners head off. Sounds like a great idea. 😉 … u can thank me later!! Bahahaha
    Joking. Great work on the videos for this channel and the others.

  8. Tommy… my man. Get use to that kinda talk from these liberated women. It’s the times we live in! It’s all Brandon’s fault! Bahahaha
    Joking! But she did get ya pretty good! Let’s Go Brandon! Bahahaha

  9. Can't really make fun of Allison's car, at least she has her own race car! You race your brothers Falcon! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  10. You both do so much for your families. Jeff is an awesome father this world could use more people like your families.. love to each of you… Bill

  11. Edelbrock aluminum heads need a full port job, if just slapping new out of box they are no better than a stock 340 head. and that single plane intake now you have no heat cross over and will be very difficult fotr cold starting and single plane. rustoleum Rust Back stops rust , i hit one spot with it and lasted 20 years of not rusting away

  12. Always good to have a laugh in the shop. Things don't have to be serious all the time. The Dart is coming along nicely. Hope Tommy doesn't tune it.( kidding.)

  13. Tommy you should be proud of yourself brother those are small steps that are milestones you’ll never forget and will one day tell your kids about. Keep it up buddy

  14. The reson why spray paint is so high is cause biden is charging you extra taxes because of the green new deal (B.S) they got going on. They trying to make everyone go electric cars and everything else electric and if you don't they will make people that own combustion vehicles such as are classic hot rods pay out emissions taxes and they will be highe. It's a crooked money thing.🇺🇸💯

  15. Edited footage with a score that hasn't been ripped 44 300 times. Good jokes and banter amongst multiple people. Tons of info as well as it being cool to see you guys learn as well as us as an audience move beyond being the Turbo 350 heathens that a few of us are. Editing is time consuming but this is the best video I've seen from central ohio in months! Please be more selfish, do more Gen 2, do more of the 3 of you! The views will come once you produce a few like this and people will meeander over from the other channels that excrete content based on the calender and and not for good films (actual content, not someone who would record thier voice and you tube it the same way a person with zero followers tweets daily). All the luck!

  16. Good for you tommy. You deserve it all. Be happy you have earned it. Nobody gave it you . Be proud of yourself. Im glad to see you two thriving which is hard for people today. Good luck and god bless you both


  18. Baby girl you cant start put with the biggest baddest cars. Gotta start with the easier to drive cars then you will eventually get that 5.7 in the dart amd step up a little . Put some juice to ot and then it twice as bad.

  19. My auto shop teacher wood loose his shit watching Jeff pill the Triger on that blow gun against his arm kicked out of shop for a week & detention Ya safety Flash 40 years still remember

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