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  1. they did the same thing with Tommy an Chuck .Jerry bird couldn't get his shit together playing games he should have had his teeth kicked in cheap shot king he is

  2. Wait till one of the NPK stars gets KO'd hits head on pavement and has the stuff legged shake n twitch and is out for couple minutes, in front of everyone other racers from the show the fans and cameras. That'll shut up the wanna be tough guys from the show and locals n make everybody think twice. Only reason hasn't happened yet is they've all been push n shove n wild punches that don't land or have no mustard in them . I'm shocked they've gotten lucky. But eventually some local dude is gonna one punch someone into a serious concussion or worse ( think early UFC when most guys had no biz being in there and got paired against a killer check out Tank Abbott vs John Matua and Pat Smith vs Scott Morris

  3. seriously how about a ring in front of the tower, any alterkations, are taken there gloves put on, and 2 90 second rounds, unless unable to do so

  4. I was there they gave the local guy 200ft it might be on TV it's a Farm truck and Azn deal it's called Local Yokel or something like that it's a new show coming who ever wins the local bracket races a big name Street Outlaw Car

  5. Yeah sim we can't be having these Occurrences otherwise we're going to have to bring a ring and groves as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  6. Jerry bird just wants to fight everyone. He's unstable racer and doesn't deserve to pilot a high horsepower car. Who knows he may get his thong in a wad and wreck someone on the track

  7. It was a local small tire car that won a chance to race a big tire car. And they did race but the small tire car got to take off from bout 200 ft mark and beat bird. But not a hundred percent if fight happened before or after there race. Pretty sure it was after they raced

  8. I was just listening to Ohio Grudge racings normal Monday night recap from past weekends events, if you're a fan of no prep or street racing besides the show, with the fights…. it's giving the normal promoters a bad name! I've been to quite a few races for no prep and always awesome! Not NPK, Yet this past weekend pilgrim didn't film the fight with Bird bros. I've seen people get upset at races but dam certain so called "stars" are just nuts! Thanks for the vid!

  9. I have been saying from the beginning that the fights will 1 day end street outlaws. Pilgrim/discovery can't that legal exposure. Someone will get seriously hurt. Cast or outsider. You have to many hotheads racers. Stop taking the show name so seriously. You don't have t be so STREET, and you don't have to be such an OUTLAW

  10. The bottom line is for a commercial entity fights increase insurance which has a flow on to also increase production costs/requirements. Short term good for views, long term bad for $$$.

  11. I it's more the street outlaws guys than others. I mean just look at the fights on the street race episodes like jj and block, also you dont remember a year or two ago chuck and boosted threw fist? Sounds like jerry bird started this one as far as physical level goes. So I'm doubtful much gets down about because they cant get rid of all their stars for the show.

  12. JJ the Boss and Block. Block supposedly filed complaints against JJ and some of the MSO team, I think Doughboy and Chelsea. Block did claim Chelsea kicked him in the face. Google it. First year of Fasyestbin America. Said nothing about liability of Pilgrim

  13. Sim Watch the latest Farmtruck & Anz show and you will see the camera guy's from pilgrim telling Farntruck that they are
    told by the producers not to miss any fights and to make sure they get them on film for the show "it's all about the drama"
    Just shows what Chief was saying was right.

  14. "It is what it is", is right until you cross that line. That line has been crossed by the "cancer of the show" Jerry Byrd, every single time. He's hot headed and starts fights all the time, get him off the show because, in the end, it'll drive viewers away. We watch it less and less now because of that clown!

  15. Pilgrim should just put on fight nights they can make some money there I'm still waiting for JayJay and that guy who wears the white cowboy hat and have the fight remember the guy called him out LOL

  16. If it’s 1v1 fights and they just throw hands let the boys play. Also as long someone isn’t a punk coward and two or the jumps one or no weapons are pulled there should never be cops involved. Two men having a conversation and working things out is good for this world.

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