Street outlaws NPK5 Virginia Motorsport park: Jerry Bird Vs Justin Swanstrom- Semifinal


  1. Ill bet you any kind of money that Justin is kicking himself in the ass for not taking advantage of the off season and testing his ass off especially dince his plan was to run that liberty with out a lock up plus switch from a 5 speed to a 7 speed instead he put small tires on the car and went to races that he new he couldnt win because the car is a steel body car in NPK trim he was way to heavy compared to the guys he was racing he should have had his ass oug there testing all the combinations he was gonna try to run this year now dont get me wtong i love Justin im a Florida boy to so hes the one i root for but him not taken this shit seriously really pissed me off as a fan who wants nothing better than see him when an NPK title but apparently hes still got alot of growing up to do to relize that this serious is how he makes a living and hes racing against the best in the world at this shit especially Ryan he wins all the time because hes non stop testing his car to get faster and faster whether hes in the red car or the grey car thats why he made them identical to each other so Justin needs to pyll his head out of his ass and get with it if he does that he cant loose.

  2. Word is Justin’s crew mistakenly grabbed a gallon of Ranch that Justin kept in his trailer (instead of pimp juice), and that’s why Justin blew the tires off and had to lift half way…

  3. I am glad to see the Bird Boys get into the final. I am a fan of both Justin and The Bird Boys it's just awesome to see them finally catch a break. Bird Boys are humble and good sportsman's just as Justin is too.
    Enjoyed the videos and updates all weekend. You have a new subscriber here and I will pass the word about your channel. 👍🛣️🏁🏍️🚦🚕

  4. Throwing money at the car and constantly changing the setup isn't going to fix the problem. Decide what setup you're going to run and put in the work to make that combination as fast as possible. The fastest door cars on the planet run lockup liberty transmissions. Money won't win the race if everybody else has money too😏

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