Racing on a Limited Budget Sucks!

Well, this really sucks! But this is why I like to split purses!!!!!! IMO, the more people that get paid at a race, the more likely you will get the racers back the next week.


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  1. That is a tough break my good man, I hope Brian can get you up and running in good time. I spent 16 years at Cummins and we made many L10 engines, if I hadn't retired I'd snag you one in my lunch box!

  2. Good luck man. I hope it’s an easy fix for ya. I mean even if you do want to get another it’s easier to sell a running one rather than a roller. I gotta say you kinda have the same luck I do. Lol

  3. I really look up to you big John!!! You are determined, hardworking, and practical! You got this it is what it is. My dad always tells me that it'll all work out. And it does

  4. Check the oil pressure sensor. Had one fail on my Cummins. Computer shut the power down on the engine but that's what it's was designed to do.

  5. you mean it not gonna be like my 2016 chevy truck the dash is out the radio too (the onboard read outs temp and date it out) now what youtube where the fuses at how to get to them one video this how to with a screw driver great that that now what fuse I even found video for it the one resets the breaker for it, that it fixed the whole thing! no way even had new fuses in the dash ready if one blown! to bad my 7 cylinder v8 dodge was not that way! a 4.7 computer has miss fire plug 6 and ticking too! that truck runs better i jump in the truck like 45 mins to the doctor place look at dash now what? it half out no radio too! will it make it? more bad news you must stay here for a week maybe my camper got water in tanks and hot water tank snow oh no cold I start heater and sleep in it! like clock work every hour the heater runs i get run space heater too, this for the birds! it ok for a week this medical since January 2022 delay after delay hay enough this crap! i got the mail midwayusa flyer look's like the shorting machine had a fit like i feel it a mess!

  6. Double Dang It! A lot of people are selling their RV's because of gas prices and the Rona is over for until the mid-teams. Hope you get a sweet deal. I'll go and buy a hoodie or something without a Ford picture on it. LOL. That's why I have not bought anything yet. But, If there is a time it's now. Good luck!

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