Pulled Over Testing for RMRW….

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Pulled over while testing for Rocky Mountain Raceweek….

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  1. You need to frame that warning, send that cop a dozen donuts and go buy a lottery ticket because you are one lucky SOB 🤣

  2. WOW , How nice are the Cops there . Over here going 30 KMPH over the speed limit gets your'e car impounded for 30 days you lose ya licence for 6 months and spend a night in a cell plus having a whats called " HOON Driving offence " will make every insurance company NOT want to touch you with a Ten Foot POLE ! Thats Not to mention the Car would be defected and will require all Illegal modifications to be removed (which here is everything ) Then a full inspected and testing at youre cost before any registration is given to it again . You also get a court date with average 5K fine . It's the gift that keeps on giving ! It's Fking Bullshit in my opinion .

  3. I gather the cops knowledge of race cars is what saved them.

    Funny thing is that ticket for speeding or reckless driving used to be the norm for race cars before all the sponsors started buying the guys out.

    It didn't cost you so much of them so much to test their cars out because they had a test track for it. But if you're just starting and it's a hobby you don't have that.

  4. U lucky. If that were a city cop you'd be busted. Sheriff's are pretty cool around here. Guess the red paint job really stands out along with the parachute out back! Lol!

  5. Cheese and crackers… never admit to law enforcement at a vehicle stop for high speed that your brakes are inadequate. Talk about stoopid!

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