President Biden Rides a Suzuki Hayabusa?!

Like most we were stopped in our tracks when this photo of President Biden on one of the fastest motorcycles in the world, a Suzuki Hayabusa, surfaced. In this video we set out to see if this photo of Mr. Joe Biden on a 1999 Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa bike is authentic? We also give you a discount code to save money at Brock’s Performance and we highlight some of our favorite Hayabusa motorcycles including the turbo Hayabusa drag bikes of Billy Vose, Mark Rendeluk, 82 Year old George Brooks and two amazing No-bar, street tire Pro Street Hayabusa bikes of Rodney Williford and Ehren Litten. We even talk to a man who likes to ride is dog on his Hayabusa.

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  1. I found out a few years ago,once you have been president YOU CAN NEVER DRIVE AGAIN. And secret service taxi's president's of the past till they pass on. thanks Jack glad you keep us all entertained,Love your vid's.Keep up the good work.

  2. I say it's real. I've used Photoshop, since Adobe created it. If it's not real, a good photoshop user created it. Look at subtle things like the reflection of the tank color on his tie. Hmmmm

  3. love my zx14r abs se. it was stretched and had godaweful coffmans pipes on it. i have since put it back to stock wheelbase, put new shinko apex tires on it and put delkevic 9" oval slip-ons on it. soon ill send the ecu off to moore mafia for a flash.

  4. I'm on the fence about the authenticity. I've seen the picture of him on a goat but I think he would be more inclined to pose for a picture on a bike instead of a goat but who knows…

  5. OMFG!!! who ever did this… Plz with most respect possible… Don't ever disrespect the all mighty BUSA like that again!!! After seeing this I went outside an hugged my 06 BUSA an told her everything was okay it was just a cruel joke… 🤣😑👽

  6. please someone give him the keys and let him try a wheelie ,his ppl are absolutely shitting themselves just incase he has a rip ,I mean he’s pretty sick on a peddle bike ,get it right down 0.0 degree 😂

  7. O almost forgot to say hi Jack ,hope your well young sir ,keep bringing us the best jack ,that’s what you do ,and your damm good at it brother 😎

  8. I've owned nine motorcycles so far and a Busa is next on my list, what's better the 1st or 2nd gen? I'd also like to find a strip in the FLA area to run 1/2 or 1-mile, any suggestions?

  9. That’s cool if the picture is real. If it’s photoshopped, whoever did it is awesome. But, I’m leaning toward it being real. Probably was taking before he became President.

  10. Hate all you want, thats a legit photo. He ain't gotta lie to kick it. Plus Biden knows more about internal combustion and likes going fast more than any other president. Fact. Drumpf wishes he was half as cool as Biden. Drumpf would have toilet paper hanging off his shoe while immediately crashing it. He can't even drive an automatic kia soul. An umbrella is like a rubik's cube to him. Facts. Oh yea, he also is a compulsive liar and tried to destroy democracy by weaponizing patriotism and demonizing Americans who don't kiss his ass 100% of the time.

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