Pate Swap Meet 2022! Vintage cars, trucks, signs, gas pumps, & more!

Mr. Goodpliers heads off to the Texas Motor Speedway for the 2022 Pate Swap Meet! See TONS of project cars, trucks, advertising signs, cans, gas pumps and more!


  1. Lol😁 a 59 Simca, my first car was a 60. Same engine, they was all four on the tree.🌘🌒 Thanks for doing the swap meet and sharing.. gas was 25c a gal, my next car was a V8 shoebox Chevy !!. Thanks again💯

  2. I dislike 1957 and 59's Chevy's, but love 1958's. But I sure wouldn't pay 25 grand for a '58 even if it had it's driveline. Yikes. The restored Simplex motorbike was a beauty. I used to have one like that.

  3. Mite i make a request in maybe your next swap meet event..I you could maybe call out the prices and contact info if the owner is ok with that…Just a thought …Love all you vidieos…for a long time..I once saw a 1959 ford wagon for sale at a farm auction..Would have loved to buy it so bad…well thanks for the tours…God Bless..stay safe..

  4. Contact info if available and prices would've been great, Bud. But tks for the great and informative video… Ed/A

  5. Thanks for the tour Mr. Goodplires! A neat find at 16:30, that is a Simca Aronde. Before Chrysler began building the Dart and Valiant they imported Simca's from France as a small economy car from the mid 50's until 1972 (When they sold their share of the Simca company.) survivors are few and far between even outside the rust belt! I wonder how much he was asking?

  6. I drove the Pate swap meet from California many years ago when it was held at a different location….large grassy field with roads a trees with a car museum.

  7. Excellent eyes! LOTS of great stuff there. That '32 was just choice. Your knack for showing what your viewers might like was on target – not a dud in the selections. Great tour!

  8. What a great swap meet! Seemed like there were more lookers than buyers. Some of those prices were through the roof! The hub cap's were a good deal though. From what I've seen at swap meets, some sellers seem to want to show their stuff rather than sell it. I figure that's why they ask too much for their stuff.

  9. After I got my driver's license in '78 Dad bought a '67 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door. Black cloth interior, 318, 727 Automatic. I think he paid 3 or 500 bucks for it. We pulled the heads to have the valves ground put it back together and drove it to Harrisonburg, VA on vacation. It was a beautiful cruising machine.AL B.

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