New Screw Blower Combo Is Making Some Power! First Rip Down No Prep At Beach Bend Was Not Okay!

New Screw Blower Combo Is Making Some Power! First Rip Down No Prep At Beach Bend Was Not Okay!


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  1. Getting to see Street Outlaws at Beech Bend last weekend was great only regret was not getting a Justin Swanstrom autograph on my Ain't Got No Gas t-shirt

  2. I never did get into turbos only on my 18 Wheeler , Blowers is what it is for me , I am glad you are running a BLOWER Justin , That way you can blow all the shit off the track that is definitely going to be coming up ,
    For sure my mann , You had him You had him , That is one fast bitc you have there my friend , Keep getting the bugs out , Listen to your DAD , You got a great crew there My friend , Be safe

  3. loving the the blower! I'm hoping you and the rest of the blower guys can get those power adders to the top. Manny B is on fire. Lots of stuff being said about him coming to NPK. I think its good for the sport. Manny will be competing with the top guys in the invitational for sure. I like Manny being there because when he does get into the invitational he is another guy who can take Ryan Martin down. Seems to me there is only like 5 cars in the series that can beat RM. Hoping you can get Prenup back to that level. Go gettum

  4. Love your videos and I have to say the best thing you ever did was hire a professional camera guy and by no means am I putting you down but damn it’s made a HUGE difference to your program congratulations

  5. Happy for you, when all else comes a fender short of beating Ryan Martin? Lol What's next? Wheelje bars on all 4 sides? Or padded side walls? Lol Good-Luck with your blower, might want to converse with Mr Pinky/ Disco Dean About their maintainance schedule, it ain't a plug and go. Lo,l 🙂

  6. LOVE Beech bend, been going there for years and raced it myself for the first time in 2020. Love how well you can see the finish line.

  7. Running a blower saves on the pocket book and when you get a handle on it your sure to make some wild power. Be great to see the hard working crew of the swan gang to the front. Respect from northern Ontario Canada

  8. I have to admit,I Do Not Think their is any crew that works harder in life then the swan gang boys. Either at home or on the track.

  9. I’m glad you won the great it up there in Minnesota I hope you go and win the whole thing for yourself you definitely deserve it for all the energy you put in with your team and team mates and your dad good luck

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