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  1. Hey Matt instead of poppets for lean outs put solenoids on it use pwm to control it seamlessly. 15 years ago when we ran alcohol funny car we tame the motor down with fuel and timing. Timing was course adjustment and fuel was a fine adjustment. If you need a little more wheel speed you just lean her out at the hit. She'll get frisky real quick when you get her hot

  2. It’s not budget cuts per say . The Colorado is just eating everything’s budget 200k for Colorado gone . 50k for promod gone . 2k for peloton so black sheep can be lighter race weight gone . Lawnmower budget gone , but Colorado is gonna be bad .

  3. I may be able to get y’all hooked up and get yall’s Hemi Heads and lower intake cnc’ed by the best blower and one of the best head porters and basically anything blow alcohol hemi promod guys on the planet Chuck Ford ( CFH ) he’s a family friend! He’s a awesome guy and has a big block Chevy that probably makes 1400hp bolted to his shops floor just to test all the billet promod roots blowers he makes O and bad ass carbon blower hats! The only thing I’m not sure about is the fact yall ain’t running a BAE and I’m not sure If he has a cnc program for Keith Black stuff I don’t know anything about hemi stuff so idk

  4. Roots blowers are more efficient than screw blowers dunno crap about whipple’s if that’s really a 14-71 it should put out tons of HP in your last video you said it was a 4-71 street blower a 14-71 roots is what Top fuel runs dude, how does it go from a baby blower to a Top fuel blower from one video to another you guys are idiots

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