New England Dragway

Moving on to race #4 at New England Dragway in New Hampshire.. a few test/grudge passes and then went a few rounds. We had a big win against Lizzy and the Musi family. It was on the rev limiter and we lost the hood during that pass, but I wasn’t letting out because I knew she was right there. Pulling back into the pit after that round, they told us we had 8 minutes to turn the car around and be back up at the starting line. I had to go do a chip draw, so that left my boys- Aaron and Bob by themselves to turn the car around in 8 minutes!! And they did it!! 😎


  1. Props to Aaron and Bob for an amazing turnaround time on the car! I don't know half of what it takes to get it done but that sounds like some Guinness Records shit right there! 🏁
    Nice job vs Lizzy, 1000 cubes and a half bottle of nitrous is hard to beat!😎

  2. Are you planning on racing all the NPK tracks in 2022?
    Firebird raceway in Idaho state is a 3.5 hr drive for me. I would like to meet you if your planning on going to that race
    Good luck with your program this year!

  3. I didn't even know you guys were there that wknd until I heard you from over at Lowe's. I guess Stockholders don't get told anymore about meets.

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