New Competition for No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 52

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  1. Reaper is getting out of the fast cars and is getting back into real street cars like his nova and other Camaro he had built. He wants to be around for Brantley. He even said with all these guys wrecking their cars is even more of a reason to get out of it.

  2. 1320 video was approached by Discovery after someone there saw his videos. Introductions were attempted from there. That's the story that I read, how much truth is in it, is debatable…

  3. I think Reaper is just wanting to put on races but probably couldn’t care less about having a tv show about it, he is about racing not having a tv show. If you’re one of those that don’t like him, if you would take time to watch his vids about his prison stint and what he had to come home to I think you would change your mind about him as a person. I would say he’s a stand up guy but like me, a little rough around the edges and tells it like he sees it without any sugar coating

  4. Look. Reaper is a shitty loser. The reaper car wasn't doing for crap. 90 percent of his loses where caused by half ass work he did on his car. So he started building deez nutz. However he got the short end as pro mods got kicked off the list. But him being the person he is, he tried to run the car anyways and put skins on the car. He even admitted it on his own videos that he would try and cheat the rules. He got caught and kicked off the list. He than let someone else run reaper while he ran deez nutz at event track races. The driver of reaper worked the bugs out reaper and was doing good, all while deez nutz was getting crushed and had the same issues reaper had when James ran and worked on it. He has been bouncing cars like hooked in Vegas and still can't keep q car together for an event.

  5. Pastor Dave here Little Bro! Did you know The very first airing of street outlaws with the 405 was called "Night Riders! Sean mentioned it on his 187 You Tube Channel! He didn't like the name of it, but since they race at night, that's what they called the very first episode. I'm glad they changed it! Sean also said they've done three more shows while they're in Nebraska, he was excited about two of them, and said he's going to be something for everybody that likes a whole Street Outlaws in general! Can't wait! Keep up the good work bro!!! Your doing a fantastic Job!!!!!

  6. Hey Sam, evidently reaper is scaling back his racing to spend more time with his family. At least that’s what he stated on his YouTube channel. Another great video happy Sunday to you and your family, do good in school and keep the videos coming. He said there are going to be a few 405 guys there. And yes he said he brought up the idea of NPK’s to the production co and was told they were not interested, then they supposedly talk to Chuck about it and the rest is history.

  7. Another great video . I do believe that NPK is getting bigger cause I saw that Boddie and some others that hasn't been doing NPK
    are gonna participate in NPK whenever it starts… I understand about not wanting to get into the he said she said stuff. I got it from Reeper saying it himself on one of his videos but never heard him say Chuck stole it. I agree it seems like he is all over the place on his videos' but I think that is because he wants to tell his side of things sort of speak as well as share other things he has going on with the fans. . Maybe you should reach out to him for an interview. If you ever get a chance to watch his videos titled behind the scenes and listen to what he says and think about it with what you saw watching the show I think you may get a better understanding of him and where he is coming from. Cya next time

  8. Can't say if it is true but he is adamant this is what has happened. He says he organized the first no prep king series, he with his wife contacted the tracks and made all arrangements, then the second year he was "excused", and the thing he hates about current NPK are the different weight and categories, he says it should be the fastest car wins regardless the power adder or motor. Only rules should be the vin tags and steel roof and quarters. His vision is the weight rules are there to make the "right" one win. Maybe you can ask someone to confirm or deny it on next interview.

  9. Pretty well known fact he DID come up with the idea for No Prep Kings . Hes not moving forward with it because he doesn't have a Discovery channel budget and no TV deal. He needs to secure a TV deal even a limited one with a different channel to even approach NPK. Hope school is going well so far.

  10. Think about this; Chief, Sean, Chuck, Reaper, and JJ all had hard edges when we first met them only to witness their TV personas get more relatable as decent guys. So I think the actual TV production helped these guys become better people

  11. Pastor Dave from Tampa, A little Bro I've looked everywhere and can't find information on who Phantom is who works with Sean at the 187. Are they brothers? Are they childhood friends? Can you answer this question? Only if you have time of course. Thanks again for all that you do, Pastor Dave


  13. No boredom listening to you, I have to drink 2 cups of Coffee just to keep up! Hey, have you seen the new “Ziptie”? looks like JJ has a ringer if he can find some traction.

  14. Great job as usual. I listen to you every week for all the updates on racing. Keep up the great work. Never listen to any negative comments or feedback. Your doing a amazing job young man. Keeping us updated making these videos and going to school. I don't know how you get all this information on everyone. But keep it up. Really enjoy watching your videos. And it would be awesome to hear you as a commentator for NPK

  15. Hay Sim I just wanted to add to what your are saying about the 405 going back to there roots…. They really need to because there not street anymore there all about there Sponsors…. so what they need to do is use there daily drivers or build another car for the list but there are limits on how they can build there cars, because all there main cars are so fast …. that is the only way I think they can go back to there roots … and I just want to add this and this I my opinion, the only 405 driver that is real street anymore is Shawn (murder nova)…..

  16. One idea I would love to see on Street Outlaws or NPK would have then pick 6 team captains and have the remaining drivers go into a pool and have a fantasy draft aka like a fantasy football draft. Example say Big Chief gets the 3rd scoops up Lizzy for his team K.Kelly drafts 5th and picks Murdernova . Your thoughts??

  17. I wish Reaper the best. Sim you are right he does go every where with his topics. If I can stand watching his videos normally they are not bad and can learn something. But they are long. Sometime him and other people videos get too technical for me and I just zone out and go watch a different video.

    You have to remember some of the first "No Prep" races was KOTCs, or KOTS King of the concrete/streets, Armadgan(?) Bad spelling. I even think Duck from Georgia Sports park tried to have no prep there, but it didn't work out.

  18. I have a question not really related to no trip… Ole Heavy, I know I saw a video where the truck has a pro charger… Yet I have not seen a video with JJ running the truck with a pro charger. Was the video of the pro charger a fluke or does JJ truly have a pro charger on the truck now?

  19. Man I love your content but you need to lay off the caffeine and slow down a bit. I only watch periodically and even then I have to fast forwards and catch the cliff notes. The end of your videos are flat out ridiculous and it’s like your tripping all over your self just trying to spit out what I assume is your contact info.

  20. I've seen a few one time shows covering drag week where people have to drive their cars between tracks and races with no support vehicles and I enjoyed them, not sure why it wouldn't make a great regular show

  21. James…(reaper) …. got pushed out of everything…… know one likes James!!!(reaper)!!!!!! And apparently he’s buying drag track because know One wants him at their track. The very few fans reaper has doesn’t count for anything.

  22. I wholeheartedly believe that James Goad (Reaper) started the idea for NPK. Doesn't anyone remember the videos that were posted of him before the first episode even ran? He was with Chuck in their RV driving together and making plans to let these tracks hold their event. He kept talking about big things coming and this was before there was even a name for the series (NPK). I wish I could find that video but I have looked everywhere and can't find it.

  23. Does Bass Pro pay you to advertise for them? Just curious….
    Also you're trying to sell your Betsy t-shirts and hoodies well you should be wearing one when you do your videos.

  24. They were seen on the internet doing list racing, can't remember his name but there is an episode that talks and shows the very 1st filming n i believe they mention his name?

  25. That's exactly what I meant, I should have clarified that. He put out a couple of videos and made references to No Prep Kings being his idea…I meant it sarcastically because he says several things were his idea

  26. We can agree to disagree regarding Reaper. Yeah he’s a cussing sob but I don’t think he’s lying about the stuff he shares. In fact love his candor and would submit for your consideration… if he was full of it or even lying…. I think Shawn (Murder Nova) would call him out on his channel…but he hasn’t done so. So I believe that suggests he’s straight up.
    I like both of you so unlike our politics today… good people can still disagree and be friends.
    Great job Sim!

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