Moonshine Gets Some New Shoes!!

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  1. Spring washers then no washers to hold the disc to the hub ?.. I’d be wiring those bolts in buddy…
    I’m not a hater either just trying to help…

  2. I was taught 2 tighten those not extremely tight but just and back it off till Carter pin goes in…….don't want timkin barrings 2 tight they will lock up on u…idk if there's directions 4 exactly how 2 do them but I learned from working in my father's machine shop and he learned in trade school and on air force base fixing broken helicopter and B52 parts….

  3. Thanks for the content! I enjoy watching your channel grow, same with KSR and JH all made possible by the giraffe's motorsport's passion. If all the viewers enjoy motorsports as much as they claim, then be sure to vote in November for the party not trying to kill motorsports…..btw….Eff You Greta.

  4. That's man you want fronting your company.. great straight up no bs information about the product and he explained everything well… tbm few
    Cheers from Brisbane Australia

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