Mike Bowman vs Kye Kelley!

In this video we have Mike Bowman who drives a procharged chevelle from the california team last season. Mike Bowman entered the big tire class at the virginia no prep event held in Virginia. Mike Bowman has been a car that has done some great wins for his team last season but this season Bowman is looking to win a championship. Standing in his way is Kye Kelley who was number one in the points standing last season at some point. Kye Kelley is really fast and Bowman gave Kye all he could handle with a close race to the finish line. We also included James Strang who is a fellow team mate of Mike Bowman who drives a twin turbo camaro. Strang is a racer who was on the california team last season. Watch for these two california cars looking to win big and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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