Major Problem! Dig or Die $100,000 Dollars Small Tire Friday

It’s finally here! Dig or Die, $100k! Let’s see if the changes we made to the car make us faster or slower! Let’s Go!

Go check out my buddies YouTube channels as well!

Houston KOTV
MAK / Mid America KUSTOMS
NICKKY Bobby Inc.


  1. On Back of the track, take the whole "chute" out of the bag, and mount a solid steel/lead Block inside. Wrap it with a blanket or whatever, then close the bag back around it.
    (Best way around the NO external weight ballast rule)

  2. good race, your dog is like mine, when I got close to my wife she would growling at me,lol, new shirt look good I will have to get me a fat man shirt, lol I wear a 3x, just more to love right, tell Kelly I said hey and that was a good move working with the other race to share infor, good move , I will sub to his channel

  3. Damm there’s like a dozen of them haha πŸ˜‚ know wonder they go to the finals all the time there half of the race field lol jk I like mak tv there entertaining to watch now we get 2 channels to watch even though I hate watching YouTube divorces lol πŸ˜‚.

  4. Other then Billy there's no one else out there that I would have wanted you to team with but Houston love that guy and his channel.

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