Lizzy vs Boddie grudge race on the real streets of Las Vegas for $4800 Norma Jean Camaro

Here’s some raw street racing action. Lizzy vs Boddie grudge race for $4800 pot on the real streets of Las Vegas. NOLA vs Cali. Video footage courtesy of Zane and Smoke.

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  1. Marilyn putting in work!
    I'm guessing the Camaro is named after Marilyn Monroe Or Norma Jean Beasley the country singer.

  2. Will Lizzy be racing this Camaro on the 405 small tire show if so she is gonna burn a lot of people I promise you that. That Camaro's tail lights were getting small very fast…that car could be Ryan Martin's Kryptonite….Kye Kelly if you read this and if that car it's the small Tire rules of the 405 show go down there and take that OKC money. I don't think Ryan Martin has anything on that white camera of Lizzy's you can bank on that .

  3. They need to watch the footage back Lizzy didn't move b4 the light that was clean!! You left him sleeping Lizzy!! That's what happens when you're one of the fastest in the world!!

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