Lizzy & Pat Musi Negotiate!!

In this video we have Pat Musi and Lizzy Musi negotating a small tire no prep kings race against a twin turbo mustang. The nitrous camaro lizzy drives is a big tire car that has been in several no prep kings races and has done some street racing with it too. But, in this particular class hosted by farmtruck and azn has a small tire race that is called the local eight. The winner of that class wins five thousand dollars. For an extra five thousand dollars the winner has to beat a big tire car. The big tire car in question is lizzy musi. It is an unfair race as the big tire car has the clear advantage. But, both lizzy and Pat Musi negotate a race and finally agree in the terms of the race. And it was a drag race to the very end. Check out the video and see who wins the extra five thousand and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. That guy from Canada was trying to pull a JJ and hustle Pat and Lizzy musi asking for two car lengths then one and a half car then one point two seconds. Just one car length the Canadia got and Lizzy musi just did take the win….Good thing that guy didn't get them two car lengths….Good job Lizzy America muscle…👍🇺🇸💯

  2. Long live small tire in Canada! Love watching clean fast cars/drivers……, but then comes Mr meddlier Musi who takes every advantage even though his car is 5x, in motor,tires and track prep! If you really want to make for a fair race? Put Lizzy on small tires and we'll see if they can control all the "Musi power" down the track like her Canadian counterpart?

  3. pat musi ruining the NPK scene. we need real STREET cars in NPK.. all thes promod nitrous cars are getting sad.. like kyes new shocker 2.0.

  4. Pat making things impossible. Good Lord Pat!!!! You got 2 maybe 3 times the car that guy has. Your seriously gonna stand there and haggle him to death and try to make him feel bad about asking for anything??? And Lizzy easily flies by him like he is going backwards. It was close. But your supposed to give him a chance to win with a flawless run. See,….all negotiations are based on both parties having a flawless run. So Pat needs to go back to The Peoples Court and back to harassing neighbors.

    If you know,……you know. Not a fan of Mr.Musi AT ALL!!!

  5. I can't stand pat musi and lizzy does NOTHING but cry evrytime she looses. They should have given that gut a little more knowing how fast that car is that pat built

  6. Good job lizzy your only a millionaire dont give some poor smuck and his 8 yr old son a even chance to win 5 grand. Lizzy your a poor sportsMAN and you can't drive for shit and it showed on America's list where your not in a track and on a real street. Daddy's name and money for you where you are NOT your driving skills

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