Lizzy Musi Nitrous Love!!

In this video we have the driver of the bonnie nitrous assisted Camaro, Lizzy Musi entering the big tire class at the Ohio’s National Trail no prep event held in Hebron, Ohio. Lizzy Musi is no stranger to going fast as she has held multiple records in the pro mod classes with some of the fastest times ever recorded. But, in no prep the times do not matter as much as how much of that power are you using to run the faster possible number given the track conditions. The track conditions were not the best but good enough for Lizzy Musi and her team to reach the quarter-finals. That is a great position to grab points and reaching the goal of becoming a no prep kings champion. She met up with Ryan Martin who was last year’s champion and fell short but she has come close many times to getting around Ryan so the competition is defintely heating up. Check out Lizzy in her awesome build and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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