July’s All Muscle No Hustle race

Another great night of racing last night! The finals in both classes had some fresh faces in them, which would produce first time winners this season!

Patrick Goodrode took on A.j. Lewis in the finals of Middleweight. Patrick has been in the finals twice this year but fell short both times against Terron Babbage. This time he met Terron in the semis and was able to get around him to advance to the finals. AJ, a top contender last year, has struggled some this year but secured a bye into the finals. So he was ready to make the most of the finals. AJ jumped out on him but Patrick was able to get around him at the 330’ and took his first Middleweight win of the season! Patrick and his team have put in a lot of work to get here. From last year when he blew his motor up and had to completely rebuild it, to the winner circle last night. A long road, but a road they never detoured on. Congrats to Patrick and his team on a well deserved win.

In heavyweight, both racers who are tied for first in points went out first round. So that left it opened for a new winner in heavyweight this month. David Baker took out one of the points leaders in round one, then took out Zack McDaniel to make it to the final, his first one of the year. Noah Miller got the bye into the final. Another racer who has struggled a little this year, this was his first final ever. Unfortunately the rain came in while they were on the starting line and the race got called. So officially there was no winner in heavyweight this month.

A great night and the house was packed! We appreciate all the fans coming in and watching. Hope everyone had a great time!