JJ da Boss' Newest Headhunter: Who is She? | Sketchy's Garage

JJ da Boss Arm Drop in Memphis, TN on May 28, 2022
Memphis International Raceway


  1. Starting Hollywood early! Got to be the luckiest 13 yr old on the face of the planet to get to run a monster like that, even if it was just exhibition!
    Looked like motor only but she seemed to handle it very well. Guaranteed she did better than any of the keyboard drivers could ever hope to.
    Keep it up young Lady, be running vs the Queen herself someday!

  2. We were testing along with entered in the Friday night bracket race and Hollywood, and Vada were going rounds at Pickwick Dragway. It's so cool to see the girls run. Hollywood is so much like Tricia, and while Vada is a little timid she's just as focused as JJ. Second run Vada cut a .502 reaction time with her street Chevelle. For those that don't know that's 2 thousandth's of a second from a perfect reaction time.

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