Jason Cantu Vs El Gringo Turbo Truck Race!!

In this video we have a couple of fast trucks that entered the hinton street drags in hinton, oklahoma. Jason Cantu is known to get down any street but hinton is a street that can be challenging. El Gringo is a turbo full size truck that is considered a street truck from houston, texas. Jason Cantu drew the gringo truck and it was a good matchup but the gringo turbo truck had issues which gave jason cantu an easy win. But, not everything comes easy when you win as jason cantu drew a fast nitrous pickup the following round. With ten thousand dollars awarded to the winner jason cantu was on a mission trying to get that win and the money. The nitrous chevy full size truck looked to be fast once again Jason Cantu proves to be too much as he eventually would win the whole event and take home the money. Check out jason cantu in action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Why is a promod truck even racing against street trucks
    Cantu shouldn’t have even been allowed to race!
    That’s some BS for everyone else! It’s not even fair

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