I Spent $100,000 To Get My Car Fixed!

I Spent $100,000 To Get My Car Fixed! Repair bills came in and they were up there… tune in to see what real numbers are…


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  1. I know ive been hard on you in the past, but no one deserves to be crashed like you did. About you getting in front of the line at Camerons, repairs come first cause of point systems and sponsor obligations, in most shops. I dont know why peope are concerned where the money comes from. Its YOUR money spend it where you want, screw them. They are jealous cause they are too stupid to come up with it lol, probably just kids anyway. In one of Kye Kellys posts he had nice things to say about you. Good luck

  2. Anyone that has ever owned a competitive race car feels your pain right now. You and your team have done an incredible job just to get the race car back home and repaired, no one works for free and to be able to get it done so you can get back to work, which is driving race car’s and putting out the content so you can do what you love. Companies that help support you are invaluable. We see the same few people that just do nothing but hate on your channel because you actually showed them what social media can do for your program. Continued good luck, you could really use some. When most people whine and cry about the circumstances you roll your sleeves up call your suppliers and get it done. I listen to Wes bucking how proud they were of that Herculean effort it took to get your racecar back out there, that’s incredible when you have the owner and publisher a drag illustrated talking about how proud he is of Justin Swanstrom and crew and what they have done to get that car back out on the track. So proud of you and your team.

  3. I dont give to shit where the money comes from. Frankly is not my business. There are not to many NPK teams out there that would have been able to turn that car around that fast. I applaud you and you team. I am a 405 fan, but have mad respect for you and your team. I will continue to follow you. You can’t Please everyone, always gotta be haters. Good Luck

  4. The fact that you guys busted your asses to get the car fixed in time for Epping is so damn commendable. Best of luck to you and your team the rest of the way!

  5. Hey Justin, you are a great guy. Thanks for the videos. Think about making a new shirt called " out of the fire, into the hunt" I think it will go over really well. Now do what you do best, drive that thing to the winners circle.

  6. Hey Justin I was one of the guys in the beginning when we were first starting out to get SIM to interview you I thought that was great for your YouTube career he always talks very highly of you you should go back on his YouTube channel and surprising him he is definitely a big fan of yours Sim abcxyz

  7. You have one huge ego don't you?
    Nobody cares what you spent besides you will probably wreck it again.
    Narcissism is strong with this guy he makes a YT channel just so he can talk about himself and tell you how great he is. I'll bet he is a rich trust fund baby.

  8. I’ve know you for a long time now. Let me just say this…No one sees the sacrifice, the late nights, the hard work, the busted knuckles, the blood sweat and tears. They only see the results. It’s not your job to justify yourself because of what they think.

  9. Wishing you the best of luck Justin , you are a good person & when it comes to your fans that is a very important thing for your racing . It's a full package as you explained in this video , the sponsors , the team members & your fans . Money never comes easy when it comes to drag racing & such competitive field as the yrs have gone by . So keep yourself focused & positive , I hope you can start winning some events to start paying the bills & Who knows if not able to win the championship but atleast top 3 at the end of the yr . People don't have the slightest idea of how much not only money but hard work & effort it takes to be just in contention in this whole series to get to the championship . But I wish you again the best of luck & things will be gradually getting better for you okay 👍🇵🇷🇵🇷

  10. Says he has all the invoices for bills then rings off random numbers. Also we all know you didnt pay Cam 43k right after you basically say well I put him on the map! Messed up
    If you ask me

  11. Great video! I look forward to seeing all of your content! I really appreciated you saying the nice things about US the fans that make sure that the shows continue!!! I am so excited that I might be able to meet you in 2 weeks at Bowling Green! This is the very first time I have ever been able to meet all of all of you guys I have been watching since the original 405 show! I never miss anything street outlaws! But NPK is definitely my favorite! Good luck the rest of the year! I hope you start getting the wins you deserve brother!!!!

  12. Haters are going to hate, but you just broke down the truth of the sport, it’s not given to you, it’s a lot of hard earned money, what you win in side bets or purses, goes right back into the camp.. also proud that you don’t allow nay sayers get in your head because of who your dad is, some people should look and say damn I wish my son or daughter followed my path I blazed.. keep it up !!

  13. Damn cjrc said…..1 race same windshield..lol
    Would you have time to break down $43k in 4 days at cjrc. Assuming you have to cover payroll and overtime for entire shop

  14. Respect man. So much of racing is knowledge. Sharing it with fans keeps it alive. "Money comes and goes" True. I respect people wanting to keep the competitive edge and keep everything secret but at some point I'm lost. Thats why I love CJ race cars for their videos too.. You can learn a lot by listening and watching professionals like you guys. All the money and no knowledge your just spinning your wheels anyways.

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