I was invited to a local high school car show. Little did I know they had an exhaust contest. I may have cheated slightly, but if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.

We also had the pleasure of working with A Pint For Kim to raise awareness for blood donations. An incredible cause we’re happy to be involved with.

Oh yeah and somewhere in between all of that I finally hit a new top speed in my Bugatti Chiron!

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  1. Steve literally has to be one of the nicest blokes ever. Super sick that he lets people sit in his cars and use them like they should be. Awesome bro.. definitely someone to look up to 🙌

  2. Steve allowing that kid rev his 3 million dollar bugatti chiron is the most wholesome thing I've seen in months. Love this channel

  3. Would love to see you give rides to the elderly. You would make their year! There are so many retirement communities in the area that are always looking for exciting activities to offer their residents.

  4. This means alot to me! Today actually is my 9 years in remission from childhood leaukimia. So thank you so much for what your doing. People don't realize how much just donating blood really helps.

  5. You guys should take some of the cars to the wacker tunnels in downtown Chicago and record the exhaust sounds each car makes.

  6. I remember seeing Steve’s p1 back in 2014 at the McLaren dealer in San Francisco and few years later seeing the exact same p1 at the San Francisco auto show and now seeing Steve driving it on the Hamilton collection is just insane love that your driving all these cars because that’s what it’s meant for🙌🏻

  7. You guys really are some of the most inspirational people I’ve seen. Cool cars, supporting charity, and sharing the experience just makes everything you do so special. Truly you guys are the best. I also really need to say that the Countach is one of the best cars ever made. Being a Chicago resident and seeing that your from Chicago makes me love you guys even more. Keep up the great work.

  8. So much better use for these cars, than let them sit to rust and collect dust for years in some hidden underground garage, like many people do… 🙂

  9. Can you not post pics in the comments. I literally just got my new plate from NC. unprovoked THC 69.. I can’t believe this shows up right after watching this episode. So Tommy, apparently THC is taken in NC now. lol

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