In this video i get EVERY paintgun that harbor fright has and try them all out! From a $10.99 paintgun all the way up to their top of the line industrial paintgun for $239.99! I give them all a fair shot and show you the pros and cons of each one and also which one is the best deal!

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  1. I like the way this Chevy is shaping up! I'd like to see a paint comparison but you know when you use a tool if it's better. Thanks for saving me the expense of trying this my self on my friends bike…….lol

  2. Awesome review,you have one more hf gun to test , Central pneumatic professional help , very good gun for under $80.00! I have painted a few of my cars with gun, outstanding performance and a low price, check it out!

  3. Hard to compare guns when you aren't consistent in the paint application! You put WAY more coats, and heavier coats on the hood. Explains the "runs", and splochiness. Another factor is this is NOT a properly prepared paint surface. Every panel has different levels of "rust/paint" This comparison is actually pretty much worthless.

  4. Easy to get "priced into" the top level guns. Lotta research and data analytics goes into pricing stuff like this, they start with pricing the top level gun and then step down just enough to make you think like Casey did "why not spend a little more and the get the best gun?" The cheap ones are targeted at people that will use them once or twice and throw them away.

  5. That would be sick if you do a video on whats the cheapest you could paint a car with a compressor and paint gun maybe some painting tips

  6. I'm so glad that you went with the clear. It looks a lot better and it will give more protection for years to come. When you do the top you should take which ever gun you think sprayed the best and give it once over coat over the whole car to just blend it all together. That's if there is a big differences between the panels. Would be even great if you signed the inside of the trunk lid and even clear coat that as well, so the winner will have and cherish it for years to come. Keep up the great work and content.

  7. bruh… get an air system in there🤣 all I saw was huge clouds of aerosol components floating around. you're wearing a ppl 100 mask.. or if it was from HF def closer to a 10 mask… get a papr or something. dain bramage is hard to undo. we had a really nice dude next door that did most of our paint work on a classic restoration shop. straight up braindead. straight up. very skilled at his work but you could hardly understand the dude after running his own paint shop for 2+ decades. his brain. body. and mouth did NOT work together anymore

  8. I have not sprayed automobiles but I have sprayed models the best job was an air brush for straight color and I would like to do a carburetor I do not have a place to do that I turned wrenches for half my life till injured
    So body work and paint not so much.

  9. Ps with the air brush iwas able to mix my colors and thin them rattle can from testers good paints but a little bit of waist the little bottles can paint every ting in your model kit if planned out properly stay safe and remain healthy bye for now from Regina Canada.

  10. Harbor Freight used to sell a gun that was all silver with a gold end cap and that gun sprayed excellent. Although i think the quite making it after the black widow gun started selling well.

  11. Whoever nosed my Chevy filled in where the hood ornament went, but where the crest went they just welded the holes shut and put in a handful of bondo which ended up cracking after 10 years. The color coat we used (black) when we sprayed it came in patchy, so you could see the primer through it and we were TERRIFIED that it wouldn't cover. Once we added the clear, it went from looking like a $10 rattle can job to looking like piano gloss black, we couldn't believe it! 😮

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