Game Changer Procharged Mustang Tail Spin!!

In this video we have the game changer mustang that entered the big tire class at the virginia no prep event held in Virginia. The game changer mustang is a new car that was driven by the owner of the car Stephen Brindle. But, Kayla Morton is the team mate of Stephen and had her car down for this event. So, Kayla borrowed the game changer mustang to continue to compete. Kayla is no stranger to going fast and a vast experience racing in sketchy surfaces. But, hopping in a new car brings new challenges but Kayla is no rookie as she was dominating big tire class in no prep before no prep kings. Something went wrong with the game changer car and after the run sent the game changer mustang in a spin to a complete stop. Kayla did an amazing job of driving to minimize the damage as she was in a high trap speed. Check out the video to see it all unfold and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Why does this woman always yell!… It’s literally nasty and always makes me cringe and turn it off until she’s finished yapping!… So annoying

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