Fastest GTR in No Prep Goes to the Finals!

Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racer John Odom drives the blown GTR in the video. The GTR is the only big tire entry we have seen in big tire and its one fast car. The GTR ditches the orginial setup for a blown combination that has yielded great results. John Odom started off as a racer who raced in the future outlaw class with a seven second GTR that was more of a streetish car. This new GTR is all purpose built and ready to make a splash in the no prep scene. Odom racing wasted no time this season unleashing the GTR and made it to the finals of the outlaw big tire class. The outlaw big tire class pays out five thousand dollars and has no rules to running. Check out odom racing who is making big moves in the gtr and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Calling that a GTR is a stretch. I know other cars, Camaros etc are still referred to as Camaros even when they are just Camaro bodies. But still..

  2. I think Tom Bailey should race in this two there are two many pro mods in this with 959 cu in motors and horse power or put a limit no more than 5 cu in motors no blowers just like pro stock it's a driver game

  3. Were they even racing or were they acting as cast members of a TV show. Odom says they are cast members and there acting or something stupid like that.

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