FAST & FURIOUS DYNO WAR! Hoonigan’s 2JZ powered Ford F150 vs @throtl's Eclipse GSX

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Check out our Fast and The Furious / Paul Walker inspired single turbo 2jz swap vs a FP red 4g63 swap!

First up we’ve got “Lord Frightening”, our version of Paul Walker’s red truck from The Fast and The Furious 1. As car nerds we loved Paul Walker’s red truck from the movie so much that we built a dream version: Toyota 2jz engine swap Ford F150, single Garrett G-Series Turbo turbo, and other stuff we had lying around to beef up our bone stock single turbo 2JZ. This is the truck Paul Walker / Brian O’Connor would have built.

Vs. the F-150 Lightning, we’ve got a beautiful 2nd Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX – the improved Paul Walked Eclipse from Fast and Furious built by @Throtl – it’s a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X with a 4g63 engine, FP Red Turbo, 31PSI of boost, BC272 Cams, running Sunoco E85R fuel. Unlike the movie car this is a 4g63 swap car – the F&F car was a 420A front wheel drive car – this is a proper 4wd 4g car, complete with double NOS nitrous oxide buttons.

2000 Ford F-150
Toyota 2JZ engine
Garrett G-Series Turbo
Stock Cams
Running E85 Fuel
1998 2nd Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X
4G63 2.0L Engine
FP Red Turbo
Brian Crower 272 Cams
Running Sunoco E85R fuel

Let’s see how a single turbo 2jz swap performs against a FP red 4g63 swap!

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00:00 Intro
01:38 throtl’s 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X
04:15 Hoonigan’s Ford F-150 “Lord Frightening”
06:23 Eclipse Predictions
07:19 Eclipse Pulls
10:27 Lord Frightening Predictions
11:30 Lord Frightening’s Pulls
13:53 That Post-Dyno Glow


  1. Suppy is a big brain scumbag for that 😂 he knew what it could do and said nah imma govern these fucks and keep it at 500ish and not tell them it can be turned up.

  2. Should dyno tj’s veilside once it’s built along side someone’s evo 8 or 350z or he’ll even tj’s mustang😂😂

  3. "The Suppy Conspiracy " (Shirt)
    @13:00 he played the entire Hoonigan crew on believing that was the most out of that F150 2JZ. 😆 🤣

  4. I gotta admit I owned both the dsm and f150 in the past and you guys made me go surfing for my old pics lmao … great work, TY for sharing.

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