Ozzie at HPP Racing says goodbye to Boosted Ego big tire 72′ split bumper ‘Classic Chevrolet’ Camaro that placed 10th at fastest in the nation and gives you a sneak peak at what we have cooking up at the shop! Stay tuned for more on that!


  1. Way to spoil the America's list show…now we know we're Eric finished..u know there's still a couple episodes left…way to ruin it man smfh 🤦

  2. AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! Damn I love the Camaro but the new car is above and beyond anything and everything that has been done before. I cant wait for people to see it.

  3. Thought bain was his own man lol!!?? Guess not. Last couple years he and his mouth were hard to take anyway. When he was fighting with JJ that didn't bother me though lol. Anyone that can piss off JJ that much has got to be a pain in the ass!! Lol. BTW its Americas List not Fastest in America just saying. Good luck you are better off without him.

  4. I followed street outlaws/405. Not transmitted in europe anymore. Pitty. So i am out of all fun.
    About the driver: how about that lady you had a post with about her car? Vivian.

  5. SOOO glad you guy’s are getting a better driver to rep HPP…I’m sorry but I couldn’t stand the guy’s short man syndrome& big mouth that I’d bet he couldn’t backup! I don’t like talking negative but I was really kinda hoping JJ or Boodie would’ve popped him…not hurt the lil guy just a friendly STFU false crack in da mouth😁🤙🏽

  6. I can't remember how to pronounce the dude's name dude out of Oklahoma that on the split bumper originally if I'm not mistaken didn't he end up with Eric bane's mustang. Or was that not Eric rains mustang was it hpps car to begin with is the way I understood it there was a trade. So what is the plans for the car are y'all just planning on using it for showing promotional type deal. You'll sell in it Y'all interested in putting somebody else in it.

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