Falcon seeks revenge on SKETCHY Outlaw No Prep!


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  1. I love the improvements in attitude and personality on the part of Bill and Billy lately. It's all coming together fella's. Keep on keepin' on..

  2. If you don't feel American go to the race track. Flag flying high smells of race gas and burnt rubber, men working on cars and BSing one another while kids play and women do what ever they can to support their families. That's as good of a representation of America I can think of….Billy, Tommy, and the Old Man racing on weekends and their family out there with them.

  3. Hey Billy and Tommy, don’t know if your aware of it or not but JJ is looking for drivers for fastest in America July 23-August 6, small tire, stock suspension . I think you guys would do very well

  4. The fact that any one of the family members show up to race. The competition knows that it's real. Shows that you all are doing it as it should be. Congrats and stay safe while enjoying

  5. JJ has race in Tennessee. No entree fee. 5000 to win. Also looking for cars for show in July. B cool if Chief and u 2 showed up.

  6. Had me rolling with the Paul Walker clip lol. Round recaps with drivers is awesome! You guys keep getting better each video! Always pulling for yall! That Nova is dialed…. pulling wheels all the way down the track!

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