Early Bronco road trip FINAL PREP DAY! DAY 6

Tomorrow we’ll pack up and head out for Hot Rod Power Tour in our 1973 Ford Bronco!

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  1. … I also sometimes refer to my ‘73 & ‘76 Broncos as a “truck”. Look at it like this, if you install a half-cab top, it would even have a truck bed!

  2. I realize I'm being suckered into commenting in order to make the algorithm happy, but the "small" broncos are not a truck because they are a jeep competitor, the "full size" broncos are a truck, because they are very close to the F150 Extended cab.

  3. Emily and Aaron are so cool and down to earth. Would love to meet them some day. Whe only live 60 miles apart, they are the kind of peole that i am familiar with. Good wholesome country people. Obviously Emiliy is very beautiful, but Aaron blows my mind with his ingenuity and knowledge, and Emily has come a long way whit her knowledge too. They are youtube famous, but still come across humble and down to earth

  4. Arron is right, you have to be able to joke around with your life partner or life would be boring, I love you guys and I hope one day to meet y'all ❤️

  5. I know yall want Betty to be stock but, stock's out the window with 35s, fuely, lift, body lift… OMG, Stock or not, never bolt anything to sheet metal. So, get that THANG off the sheet metal some how and fill all the holes!
    Check out Gas Monkey's 2022 Bronko and see what they did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN7ZRsWmZyI T=30.49 (Mounts to the inside of the Door jam plus Fuel Can pocket). Pull the right tail light out for access and Glue the Corner back on with Colored corrected (Red) 2 part Epoxy glue and clamp in place. No, Sweet Betty Boop is NOT too tall!

  6. that reminds me with the tire carrier, theres a place down in so cal that makes some awesome carriers that goes into the tow reciever, ben at 406 garage an casey at cascade heavy rescue went do for a visit when ben picked up his dream charger, i bet they could brain storm a mount for that, also for a temp ider maybe take a ratchet strap an wrap around the top bar of the carrier an wrap about the top of the rollcage just to suck it back togither a bit at least but just an ider

  7. From a Jeep guy, regarding the soft windows: roll them up in beach towels. Making sure that the outside is covered and also between the windows.

    So, towel -> window -> towel -> window -> towel. Roll them up!

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