Drag Race Ends Badly – Both Driver OK –

The Big Tire Final at the ORP No Prep Event got ugly fast. Glad both drivers were OK. The Homewrecker Motorsports Studebaker ‘The Frigg’ got the worts of the deal being pushed into the railing.


  1. Had no chance of winning but stayed in it . destroyed someone else's car for what…even if the throttle was hung up still shouldn't have bothered getting up it again he had no chance of winning..

  2. Just literally seen the pics from this on fb. It's ome of those things though that come with racing it's only a matter of time. If you race alot you eventually going to have one weather it's small or big. Glad they had the right safety equipment and people had enough fire extinguishers.

  3. The guy kept in it long after he lost, No chutes came out, He should have fenced his car instead of what he did, You don't save your car on the bumper of someone else's car… Poor judgement… If you lose get out of it! This could have been prevented if you ask me… Ashamed it ruined a really well known car… Glad everyone is ok but this shouldn't have happened…

  4. That is some bad luck man the car that caused the wreck has a lot less damage going to take the other guy forever to fix his hoping for the best for both of them

  5. I'll always love country 1/8th mile tracks but it always amazed me that even here in 2022, they have yet to figure out that a wall is needed the most AFTER the finish line! It's NHRA 101.

  6. left lane got his ass whooped from the jump why the fuck did he think he was gonna come around the other driver ???????????
    just let offfff, its ok to lose bc you get to race another day wtf was that …………..

  7. Totally avoidable keep ya car in you own lane. Plenty of time to steer away from the Studebaker. Like Tim McAmis said some ppl shouldn't be racing a high horsepower car.

  8. Yes the throttle hung open. But where is the parachute? The Frigg is so totalled yet the Chevelle could be salvaged. Hella sad to see this. He had maybe 4 seconds after the finish line to do something else.

  9. I'm happy everyone is ok but it still doesn't take away the sick feeling seeing both these guys blood sweat and tears twisted up like they were dropped out a Boeing 747 @2000feet! I really hope they are both are able to rebuild and get behind the wheel again!

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