Doc in The Heavy Metal Blown Nova!!

In this video we have doc who recently crashed his street beast this past year. It has not been a good year with doc having a crashed car trying to rebuild in time for the new season of no prep kings. But, Doc could not finish up street beast which is a nitrous assisted monte carlo. This season of no prep kings doc borrowed a car that is named Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal is a blown nova that belongs to Adam Flamhoc who has done some fast passes in this car. Together this team seems to have a really good chance of winning races. Doc faced off against a promod camaro and several other fast cars at the virginia no prep event held in Virginia. Doc is no stranger to winning as he has been on top the list racing for many years. Check out Doc in a new car at Virginia and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Doc, ummmmm incase you may have forgotten its the fast car to the finish line wins not the slowest. Lol just kidding you'll get it dialed in. it's a sweet looking ride

  2. Man I love that car too bad doc is just a pot donater!! I'll match any amount if doc or punk chuck or even dominater ever wins an event lmao

  3. doc may be hot headed but he never lost his cool over something ridiculous. i dont know how people can hate on doc but like jason cantu(when he sucker shoved someone from behind).

    doc has my respect, regardless how angry he gets because he's just a soft angry little teddy bear to me lol.

  4. I any of these blown mountain motor combos can look me in the and tell me these are "Street Cars" without cracking a guilty smirk??? I'd be extremely surprised. These are NHRA ProMods for God sake. Who are yall tryna kid?? These are straight up six figure builds with big sponsors backing them. This isn't even close to what its supposed to be. Its outta hand if you ask me. But, …that's just my opinion.

  5. Doc we love ya buddy.but seriously dude save your money for your kids.this is not like it used to be.these guys got way more money.they The in another class you can't complete with them…. accept it!!

  6. Big head doc…I heard you try to rent a building that was already rented in okla…and the guy put you in your place and you left crying

  7. David gates deserves “0” credit with lizzies car! He got it turn key to use and if he wins, he has to split with pat. He should race his own shit box.

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