Details On The Street Outlaws End Game Budget!

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  1. Ryan has the money to do what he wants. He has worked hard and earned his money. This show wasn't about the regular fan. That's what the new og show is going to be about. How much do you think kye spent on 3 vehicles and parts for two?

  2. You know if JJ spent $100,000 no one we complaining. Just because the 405 did it people are all up in arms the first episode I watched there is no mention of a budget.

  3. I have a 2013 Subaru wrx putting down 580wheel hp and 505ftlbs torque and the build cost me $80k…and I could have built it cheaper, but it’s my only car and I drive it everyday…that’s the reality of building cars

  4. I think you should look at it this way ! Yeah he bought his Dream car body and took everything out of it and rebuilt it ! Now whether he bought a shell for $1500 or $70,000 show car he still built his way ! It’s in how you look at it 😃🤙🤙🤙 Aloha from Texas

  5. Why do people want to relate? It doesn't make any sense… We don't watch mid level sportsman playing football, basketball etc. We want to see the highest level of competition. If Ryan can afford it, more power to him. He has done what he can and what he wants. I'm really happy for all his success, he and his team definitely put in the work!

  6. I know it's too late and it's already been filmed, but wouldn't it be awesome if Shawn bought the "More Door" Nova off Farmtruck and built it? Also, I was surprised Kye's low budget G-body street guy Moonshine didn't make an appearance during his build.

    As far as the big race at the end, a 5 car race-off is kind of ridiculous because it's too odd of a number. there would be a bye in the first round and a bye in the second round right to the final. I think they should do it a little like Drag Week. All of them have to drive a couple hundred miles and then enter a regular small tire Cash Days at the end, run by someone else. Take JJ's hustle out of the equation and just see who's faster. Also see how these cars stand up to all the other small tire street racers around. Whoever goes the most rounds wins. If there's a tie, race it off.

  7. I think they should have to post how much money was spent on each car and give a run down on each part added or replaced and justify why they needed it. This should be called the unlimited budget build.

  8. They should have put a 20,000 cap on it, Monza said in his latest video thats wat he spent on that new grand prix and it's beautiful

  9. Ok, Just Let Me Remind You Who Ryan Martin Is… Two Times Back To Back NPK Champion, And Season 5 Current Points Leader! That Did Not By Some Chance, Fall In His Lap, He And His Team Have Worked Their Asses Off For A Long Time To Get There! So If He Can Afford To Spend $100K Or $150k On A Car, Good On Him. People Bitching About His Car And The End Price There Of, Don't Have His Budget!

  10. People should just enjoy the show and stop trying to relate to something that they won't ever be able too just enjoy the entertainment and the dream

  11. You know Sim man, I thought we going to see some real street cars running like 99% of the people who watch the show. But already they have gone over the deep end to a place that most folks cannot go. That makes the show unreal and not that interesting. They should have had a 500 Hp limit, and run it with a stock suspension. Did you see Ky's car and the read end he is putting under it? Guess if you want to you can call a Funny Car a street car. What really irks me is how many crew members they need to run a street car. You line your car up and I line mine up and we go for it. No crew passed the burnout box or you lose. I will watch though but they are nowhere near a real street car.

  12. Ryan Martins is a $200.000 dollar car it was a fully restored Resto Mod to start with and cars just like that fetch $100.000
    at Barret Jacksons at every auction they have, Then to tear it apart including the body of the frame so that Jeff Lutz could
    strengthen it up plus the Built LS and pro charger plus Suspension plus Brakes plus Transmission, plus Ryan does nothing
    by halves, I think if he had gone out and found a solid std chevell then he would not got as many people hating on him.

  13. Ryan reached out to a lot of his sponsors and got free stuff for his build he did put out a good bit of money but a good bit of his parts came from sponsors I'm sure he spent well over 40k still but as everyone knows that's not how they all started out. They were just barely able to even get good parts for their cars because they all had jobs that they worked 7days a week and who knows how many hours to support their families and use what ever extra money they did have to spend on their cars. The car Ryan built has all high price good stuff on it. He can go straight to the track with that build and knock cars off like it should and the cars he will beat are regular guys who are the real roots guys who buy what they can afford .

  14. Kye's build was a car that he already had all he did was freshen it up with better stuff but he still didn't dump money like Ryan did on his build. I'm sure JJ will will do the same thing as he has now and Axeman from what I seen so far brought an old rusted up car to build Jeff Lutz build is just like Ryan's build so now it's on Murder nova Shawn. I don't know what he's building I heard it was his 57 Chevy but I'm not sure. I just know some of the guys definitely didn't go back to their roots because their builds are pro builds not broke guy builds.

  15. It makes me laugh that no one sees a pattern here ? Like maybe they wrote a template for this show. Ryan is to build the nicest and on paper best car. Kye will bend the rules by using a little bit of tube in the front end to lighten it up. JJ will build what looks to be a turd he scrapped together to run with the big dawg. These guys know that the producers want a competitive show with tons of drama about who cheated and who’s “ street” all of this was pre discussed right down to how much hp each car could lay down . People believe they met in a garage to figure out what to build 😂😂 that’s not how a tv show works. No shot that one driver is going to show up and walk everybody.

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