Daddy Dave Procharged Nova!!

In this video we have daddy dave in his procharged nova named golitah. Daddy Dave has been the number one in the oklahoma top ten list for years wheeling some of the fastest cars on the street. But, Daddy Dave does not stop there as he has brought out his goliath car to win a no prep kings championship. With help and support of the 405 Daddy Dave has done well in the no prep kings season. Daddy Dave goes multiple rounds every race and is a very tough racer to out run. Daddy Dave takes his car to the edge and back with winning results. Check out daddy dave in the video take on some of his fellow team mates which makes them all faster. Just like a tool sharpening another tool, the 405 is making each other as efficient as possible. Check out the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Almost had him daddy Dave!!fuck!!I wish u had a strictly no prep car like everybody else..that would be bad ass

  2. I hope yall learn your lesson. Get off the effing staring line unless your pit crew for who ever is next.Beat it you media midgets, get a effing clue.Shit ,this isn't going work,stay at the finish you sheople

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