Crazy Race Ends In SERIOUS CRASH! Huge Fire After Being Ran Into And SLAMMED Into The Wall.

Crazy Race Ends In SERIOUS CRASH! Huge Fire After Being Ran Into And SLAMMED Into The Wall.


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  1. So can you help explain a little more about the onboard fire suppression system. From the video it did not look like it was activated. Did it work, or was this just something that in the panic of the moment was not activated? It looks like a fire system should have minimized the damage from the fire.

  2. I live that Ryan was there you know he was truly Concerned about you you and your team have come along way you won me over lol

  3. I'm glad You survived this crash. Being in a burn unit is not something You or anyone wants to be in. I'm sorry to see this, it's part of racing. We risk our lives every time we get into a car. It was encouraging hearing You talking about a new front end and quarter panels! Fixing it and getting back to it. I have a lot of respect for You. Thank You for being a good soul and helping the other driver out of His car. You are a class act! God bless, hopefully, things get better for You and Your crew.

  4. Hi Justin, That's A Really Tough Break There, Mate! I Hope You're Alright and I Certainly Wish Your Car A Speedy Recovery. But I Know You And You Team Will Get It Sorted Soon! Best Of Luck From South Africa!😎

  5. Justin seen the crash cpl days ago what a shit situation just glad u got out safe the car parts are replaceable u my friend are not wasn't nothing u could done to change the outcome really but the fire response team could of been a lot more promp which could of definitely changed the amount of damage

  6. Gutted to see this happen to you Justin, thankfully no-one got hurt. Been watching you from a distance (England) ever since you started your Youtube chanel – you'll be back soon, keep ya chin-up geez.

  7. Justin I had Respect for you before but the $2.00 for the car hood was just flat out bad ass that you would do that basically after a very expensive crushing event on your money maker. Mad props dude.

  8. Aside from the electric kill switch outside of the car a electric kill switch needs to be mounted to the window net. The driver will not have to think or look for the kill switch when they are trying to exit the car in a emergency, dropping the net to escape will kill the electrics.

  9. Karma is something else I tell ya!! Couldn’t have happened to a better person!!😂😂😂👍🏽At least we don’t have to hear this mullet clowns mouth!! Lol!! What a douche bag! Lol burn baby burn! Yea I love it!! And he don’t got the money to come back fast! He’s done for 6-8 weeks minimum! 😂😂😂😂😂Better get on that pod cast slim! Hellllll yeahhhh

  10. For Justin to take the time spend time with his fans giveaway the front clip off his race car shows the kind of man he is big country and little country good people Class Act glad you didn't get hurt brother

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