Close calls and going rounds at No Prep Kings Ohio Invitational. Racing Ryan Martin again!

We had some close calls and went some rounds at No Prep Kings National Trail Ohio Invitational last weekend! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. ryan makes everyone better BUT Murder Nova..!! man, rooting for MN is like when i root for my Cowboys.. Always getting let down and heartbroken..

  2. Bro happy ur goin rounds but ur damn Kye Kelley. Street racing finest. Quit goin rounds and go to the winner circle. Somethin gotta change if Ryan gonna keep edging ya out.

  3. 11.22 "As a racer, you need someone like him to make you a better"

    Much respect for that attitude. You have definity grown and matured since we first met Kye Kelly. Good job!!

  4. Hey Kye-Question for you.What Pro 1 pants & jacket do you wear? Is that the Pro 1 multi layer or nomex 15 or 20? Thanks brother.Keep the video’s coming.Editing is on point!

  5. That lock up came on and jerry got out of the groove at the same time and it was all bad. He was about to start pulling away from you tho so you got lucky there.

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