CLOCKS ARE ON?!?! We Show Camaro Times in Tennessee!

We hit the road to do some work, see some old friends, and have a little testing at Rocky Top Diesel Shootout 9 at Crossville Dragway this passed weekend! With the clocks on I rushed up to be first one down the track and get an idea of just how well Pyrite is working…an unfortunate incident led the event to be cancelled, but that didn’t stop our tour of Tennessee!!

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  1. The reason it's not making the boost after first is volume compressor can't keep up with the demand …after first it doesn't have enough volume to keep the gates closed basically it's out of breath either need a bigger tank or just switch to co2

  2. It's a shame what happened to turba tom prayers for his family and I'm sorry you had to witness that brother but unfortunately that's a part of this sport that we love so much and we know the risks when we strap ourselves in the car and we do it anyway because it's what we love to do and if it's any consolation to anyone out there Tom died doing what he loved

  3. Until you get some boost in it in 2nd and 3rd you aren't gonna know what that convertor will do. To give you an idea my sbc 3400lb car went 5.99 on 10lbs first day at the track and the track we race at is pretty bad, not English mtn bad bud bad none the less. That was with a loose convertor. I blew thru that convertor at 17lbs, got a new one and its a dog if I don't have 30lbs in it by the 2-3 shift now. Figure out you boost issue and get some power into that convertor and itll start moving.

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